How To Start Amazon Dropshipping? A Complete Sellers’ Guide

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Amazon is one of the world’s biggest ecommerce sites with sales of $470 billion in 2021. You can begin selling on Amazon once your request for a seller account has been approved.

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Have you ever thought of Amazon dropshipping?

It’s a good idea. Amazon is among the most well-known brands in the world for a reason.

It tops the list of the top app for shopping across the United States, with more than 150 million mobile users logging into Amazon. Amazon App.

Are you ready to step up and keep your own stock? Purchase wholesale items on Handshake the wholesale marketplace developed by Shopify.

In addition there’s a strong sense of trust and a strong sense of loyalty with Amazon customers. Through dropshipping on Amazon it is possible to leverage the trust of Amazon for the brand you want to promote.

If you own already set up a Shopify store it’s now more simple than ever thanks to the introduction of Amazon sale channel.

It could be a bit daunting it’s not, but you’ll be able to enjoy a pleasant experience when you dropship using Amazon once you understand the basics of dropshipping and rules. This is exactly what we’ll cover with this Amazon dropshipping tutorial. So without further delay let’s begin. While Dropshipping on Amazon, you must use best tools for Amazon Sellers and choose from best selling products on Amazon.

Is Amazon Dropshipping Allowed?

is amazon dropshipping allowed

It is true that Amazon allows dropshipping through the marketplace, as provided you adhere to certain housekeeping guidelines:

  • Always be the one selling the record for your products.
  • You must identify yourself as the seller on invoices, packing slips and other documents related to the products.
  • Take away all information that can identify the seller as a third party prior to sending the order, which includes invoices, packaging labels packing slips, invoices, etc.
  • You are responsible for receiving as well as processing return requests.
  • Make sure you adhere to the entire conditions in your seller agreement as well as Amazon and dropshipping policy.

How Much Does It Cost to Start Amazon Dropshipping?

Everyone who wants to use Amazon dropshipping must register as a seller on the Amazon website. Regardless of how many products you sell, their Individual plan costs $0.99 per unit sold, while their Professional plan costs $39.99.

Dropshipping costs on Amazon vary depending on the product category but are normally between 10% and 15%. For businesses with relatively low profit margins, this might not be an option.


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Is Amazon Dropshipping Profitable?

is amazon dropshipping profiable

Yes, Amazon Dropshipping can beprofitable. The average dropshipper makes between 10% and 30% on each sale. Their top-line revenue will be reduced by about 15% if they dropship through Amazon.

If you’re selling at a 30% margin, your net margin after selling a product on Amazon will be 15%. This is really good, especially when you take into account the large audience you’ll be able to reach.

Note: Winning the Amazon Buy Box can increase your Amazon dropshipping margins, but it’s quite competitive, so you shouldn’t concentrate on it at first.

What Benefits Do Amazon Dropshippers Get?

You’ll discover some of the advantages of an Amazon dropship business in this section.

  • No Warehouse Cost

Being able to operate an Amazon dropshipping business without needing to invest in a warehouse is one of its advantages. Some Amazon merchants decide to offer FBA for their products (Fulfilled by Amazon). FBA allows sellers to ship their products to Amazon, and Amazon will then deliver the items on their behalf.

  • Amazon Suppliers

Numerous European suppliers sell their products in large quantities to Amazon. The supply is then kept by Amazon in their warehouses, ready to be shipped to clients. For all Amazon suppliers, the company also manages returns and offers customer service in numerous languages.

Suppliers (even small enterprises) can expand quickly and operate internationally with Amazon. Account managers also provide assistance to Amazon suppliers in managing their business strategically for long-term profit growth.

  • Huge Market To Sell

Over 350 million people use Amazon regularly. This means that leveraging Amazon as a sales channel for your business can result in significant profits. If you provide the right product at the right pricing, you can bring in new clients.

The opportunity to quickly contact new customers who would not have discovered your store on its own is another advantage. This will enable you to increase your target market. Who knows, you might even come into a completely different audience that you had no idea was interested!

  • Multiple Target Categories

You can target any of Amazon’s more than 30 categories.

As a result, you are free to choose to offer in as few as one niche or as many as five.

There is no end to the number of markets and niches you can serve with the correct products and reliable providers.

There is nothing stopping you from catering to different audiences, so you may offer items in the Electronics and Tools & Home Improvement categories at the same time.

How To Start Amazon Dropshipping?

start amazon dropshipping
  • Create an Amazon seller account

You must register for an Amazon seller account in order to sell on the platform. To register, go to You will be asked for information about your company, including your address and tax filing status, as well as your other identity and credit card credentials.

  • Get Approved in Your Product Category

Certain product types on Amazon need seller approval. Popular categories that require clearance prior to starting up your Amazon store include fashion, groceries, music, and jewellery. Read the summary of the product categories that you can sell in.

  • Setup Your Shopify Store

Connect your Amazon account to your Shopify store once you’ve been approved and your account is created. Scroll down to “Sales Channels” in the left panel of your Shopify account and click the Add button next to it.

You’ll notice a pop-up appear. The first item on the list should be Amazon. 

Click Add Channel.

Next, continue on by clicking “Connect to Amazon.”

  • Start dropshipping from Amazon to Shopify


Visit Shopify’s left side by clicking the link for the Amazon sales channel. Then select “Create Listing.”

Click “Select Product” next. You will have 2 option. You must make sure to buy UPC codes if your business produces the item. As a dropshipper, however, you will select the second choice, which reads, “This product is made by another brand.”

To become a seller for that SKU, you can then search for the product. Select the item once you’ve located it. To complete the procedure, click “Publish” at the very end.

  • Allow Shopify to Monitor Stock

Ensure Shopify keeps track of inventory levels. This guarantees that the item is still available when a buyer orders it on Amazon.

Make sure you don’t let clients order items that aren’t in stock because this could result in bad reviews and require more customer service time than you had anticipated.

  • Promote Your Amazon Store

If no one knows about your store, you won’t make any sales, right? Sending traffic to it is the following step.

Make sure to advertise your store on all of your social media accounts. To increase sales and draw in some fresh eyes, you may also make Amazon advertising.


Yes its legla and allowed. Dropshipping is a real fulfilment strategy that is fully accepted on Amazon.  Like any business, you must, of course, abide by local rules, which may include registering your enterprise and filing taxes.

Yes, some dropshipping businesses do have global operations; this will rely on your business model, reliable suppliers, and target market. If you wish to ship overseas, make sure to conduct in-depth research on foreign order fulfilment in order to determine the precise shipping costs, rates, and dates.

No, despite the fact that there are many similarities between Amazon Fulfillment (FBA) and Amazon dropshipping and that many people confuse the two, these are actually two quite different business concepts. This cannot be termed dropshipping by definition because you effectively have inventory because you own the products through the Amazon FBA arrangement.

A business strategy known as retail arbitrage entails purchasing products from retailers and then reselling them for a profit at a higher price. on the other hand, dropshipping is a type of order fulfilment where the dropshipper lists the products online before arranging for their supplier to transport them right to the clients.


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