Proven Ways to Become An Amazon Product Tester and Get Free Stuff

Amazon Product Tester
Trying to be an Amazon product tester? Or are you just trying to obtain a variety of free products? Many individuals ask about "product testing" and want to join since, if done right, it benefits both the seller and the tester.

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Many individuals aim to work as product testers for Amazon. You have to test Amazon products in addition to other opportunities, and some of them even pay you!

So you can test out free Amazon products and get paid!

Win-win, am I right?

Finding work for testing Amazon products is not difficult.

What is An Amazon Product Tester?

A person who reviews and tests Amazon products is known as an Amazon product tester. This position may be paid or unpaid, and it may have the following advantages:

  • Free Amazon products
  • Compensation

This is a side business that may be rewarding for consumers who appreciate offering their honest comments about the things they try out.

Although Amazon does not directly compensate you for product reviews, there are many other websites that do.

Even though there aren’t many consistent paid opportunities to evaluate Amazon products, it’s a great way to be paid for offering your opinion. You can also download product images by using this free google chrome extension or read this article about downloading awesome product images.

How Much Can You Make From Amazon Commissions?


On Amazon products, you can make up to 20% in commission. This table shows the commission rate for different Amazon products.

How Much Does An Amazon Product Tester Make?

  1. Amazon doesn’t have a paid job for product reviewers. There are, however, various ways to profit from product testing for Amazon:

  • Start a review blog
  • Launch a review YouTube channel
  • Review Amazon products on Instagram or TikTok
  • Use Amazon Live
  • Some examples for Amazon product reviewers are shown below.

    Carla from the YouTube channel @beautybycarla generates money on Amazon. 

    Kim Pratt, a live influencer, earns up to $6,000 from Amazon

    This influencer generates six figures through live streaming on Amazon.

    This is how you can earn money by evaluating Amazon items.

5 Websites To Become An Amazon Product Tester

You can find opportunities to test Amazon products on these websites. You can opt to visit all of them at once or start with one or two of your favourites because they are all free to join.

• Amazon Vine Program

amazon vine program

An invitation-only program run by Amazon is called Amazon Vine. They send products to credible Amazon product testers they’ve found online for  feedback.

Based on the reviewer rating of its customers, Amazon extends invitations to join its Vine programme (also known as Vine Voices).

Therefore, they are customers who have previously posted reviews on the products they have purchased to assist other shoppers in making wise decisions.

• Vipon


An Amazon product coupon website is called Vipon. Several categories of items have discounted offers of 50% off or more. Its good source to work as Amazon product tester.

Joining Vipon is all you need to do to get started. Then browse the website to find your preferred Amazon bargains.

To grab the coupon code and visit Amazon to complete your purchase, click Get Coupon on the product page.

• Rebaid


Similar to Vipon, Rebaid offers discounts of up to 100% off.

To utilise Rebaid, first browse their discounts, then find the item you like to purchase, click to buy, and you will be taken to Amazon to finish the transaction.

Your rebate payment will then be sent by Rebaid.

• Snagshout


In order to acquire the best prices and save money, Snagshout enables you to receive discounts on your Amazon purchases. It functions similarly to several of its rival Amazon deals, with the exception that you are paid using PayPal.

Snagshout shopping is a fun way to receive free and much reduced Amazon products.

It’s another chance to test out new products and give evaluations for the things you buy, which may lead to future membership possibilities on Vine Voices.

Can I Get Free Stuff From Amazon?

There are several ways to get free Amazon products, including joining Vine Voices by Amazon, where you can receive free things in exchange for reviews, or getting steep discounts of up to 100% off on some products from some of the sites mentioned above

Tips And Tricks To Boost Your Ranking As An Amazon Reviewer

The amount of reviews you have posted, the number of votes they have received, and even the date they were posted on the site are all determined by an algorithm that Amazon uses.

Every few days, these lists are refreshed, thus your ranking may occasionally vary.

There are a few tricks and tips that can help you if you want to build your reputation as an Amazon reviewer, including:

  • Start creating thorough, informative product reviews that you can post on the same platform for items you have previously purchased from Amazon and other sites.
  • The tone of your evaluation should be formal. Avoid using colloquial language, as well as insulting words and gestures.
  • Make it a point to write a thorough review that includes images or videos so that readers can better understand the product.
  • To make them easier to understand, list the product’s benefits and drawbacks in bullet points.


There are many methods to apply to become an Amazon product tester if you’re interested. Check out one or more of the websites mentioned above to get started on your product testing for Amazon adventure


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