AutoDS Dropshipping Tool Review 2022

The majority of people fail, not because they're not competent enough, but simply because they're not able to run the business effectively. This is among the main reasons AutoDS was invented and why we're looking into it. AutoDS tools are able to handle the entire dropshipping process and make the process easy as well as efficient and transparent.

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AutoDS is an automated dropshipping tool for managing messages, monitoring supplier orders, cancelling orders, and returning them to your stores. The tool’s default template is available for a one-click response, and the dashboard may be used to track performance. Every hour, the dropshipping software monitors changes to prices and services.

A product update is delivered to the customer whenever a change is detected. Automation reduces work hours and prevents cancellations and losses brought on by price and inventory changes. A few minutes after the order is received, it will be automatically ordered.

By sending three automated messages to users and receiving three automated messages in return, the tool increases your positive feedback by over 60% and makes sure that your consumers are happy. You may receive a complete picture of your business with AutoDS statistics and performance analysis.  Thanks to the most slashing dashboard, filters, and systems. This includes everything you need as well as the platform’s top-notch customer care.

How AutoDS Works?

The software AutoDS is fairly simple but effective. You will have access to all the features your plan has to offer once you’ve subscribed to the platform.

All those capabilities can be integrated into your dropshipping website to make managing your business easier. Since AutoDS is fully automated, it will perform almost all of your tasks.

Once you’ve integrated it into your business, all you have to do is sit back and watch how the software manages operations.

AutoDS is adaptable and lets you manage your company in the way you see fit. Changes may be made instantly.

  1. Connect AutoDS With Your Store

To connect your store to AutoDS, you simply need to follow a few easy to understand steps. You can click the add button to link the AutoDS tool to your store if you already have an AutoDS account.

  1. Configure Your Account

Add your account for automatic ordering and the payment method you choose to use for all of your orders (This tool also supports credit card payment).

To enable the auto-ordering option, connect to your email account. Once you are done, the too will start operating different functions of your business.

AutoDS Features

  1. Price and Stock Monitoring

The best feature of this tool is that it will track changes in stock and supplier prices every hour. If a modification is noticed, they will update your products without any trouble.

  1. Automated Orders

You can save time and even manage cancellations and losses caused by changes in stock levels and product prices. Right, as soon as an order is received, it will be placed quickly and automatically.

  1. Full Customer Service & Management

Customers may quickly manage messages, cancellations, and refunds all at once with the help of customer support. Here, you can simply save the predefined message and reply with a single click.

  1. AutoDS Finder

With this tool, you will surely discover popular products with a great return on investment. You can uncover potentially profitable products that you can sell anywhere with the aid of this tool.

Simply locate the popular and quickly selling items with a click to boost your store’s profitability.

  1. Performance Statistics & Analysis

With the most reliable  dashboard, filters, and bulk systems that primarily cover all you will need, you can now easily get a complete picture of your business.

AutoDS Pricing Plan

AutDS pricing

The fact that AutoDS offers reasonable and flexible pricing is one element that most people prefer.

  • Import plan -$9.90 per month
  • Starter Plan- $17.90 per month
  • Advanced plan -$32.00 per month

Depending on the plan you select, you will have access to different AutoDS features. You can get all pricing plans for AutoDS from here.

These plans are more affordable, but they also come with a tonne of incredible features that will make running your dropshipping business easier and more effective.

Pros & Cons of AutoDS

pros and cons
  1. Pros:

  • Pricing Monitor
  • Profitability Monitor
  • Order & Monitors.
  • Offer reliable customer support.
  • The Listier+Bulk Builder
  • Offers 30 Free Auto Order Included
  • Price & Stock Monitoring


  • Even the pricing plan is not flexible.
  • They should add more products on a daily basis
  • They Can Improve The Customer Support


It is the ideal dropshipping platform to select if you want to improve and automate the performance and efficiency of your online business. You can checkout alternative of AutoDS called Yabballe here.

This all-in-one tool’s exceptional features will make it easier and more efficient for you to manage your eCommerce store and increase sales.

You can also read more informative article about dropshipping and its tools here.

So what do you think of the AutoDS review? Please use the comment section to share your thoughts.


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