Best CJdropshipping Alternative Platforms

There are no additional fees when signing up for CJdropshipping, and it has numerous warehouses. To achieve the best pricing, you might need to rely on bulk shipments through a fulfilment provider or work with a private agent because the platform's interface is not very user-friendly.

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Over time, dropshipping has grown incredibly popular. This unique business model has attracted a lot of attention from all its features such as CJ Dropshipping and CJ Marketplace. Dropshipping has assisted many individuals and businesses to grow professionally and financially. 

This article will review the CJDropshipping  service as well as its features and CJdropshipping alternative.

What is CJdropshipping?

What is cjdropshipping

CJDropshipping is a wholesale platform rooted in China is among the most well-known dropshipping platforms in the world. Dropshipping is a business that offers a range of services including the sourcing of products, fulfillment orders as well as product branding as well as shipping and delivery services. Custom packaging is also offered. 

It is able to be seamlessly connected to other platforms for eCommerce like Shopify, eBay and Shipstation. CJ is home to 29 warehouses all over the globe and several hundred thousand items. You can also read full article about CJdropshiping here.  Here is the list of CJdropshipping alternative platforms.

CJdropshipping Alternative Platforms

aliexpress dropshipping
  1. Aliexpress

AliExpress is a Chinese-based online ecommerce platform allows dropshipping. It is home to millions of items and a large number of dropshippers. It’s extremely competitive across all categories which is why it needs extra effort to succeed in your business. It’s impossible to regulate suppliers or the fulfillment and delivery of orders. The delivery time may be longer. But this could be the best CJdropshipping alternative.


  • There are very few risks.
  • Starts with low cost.
  • Offers a large range of products.
  • Shipping can take months.
  • There are many complications with the return and refund processes.
  • Margin of low profit
  1. GoTen Dropshipping

GoTen is one of the most well-known dropshipping platforms. There are a variety of items and warehouses across the world on the website. It is easy to use and users can receive their purchases quickly.


  • Orders are fulfilled in a few days.
  • several items, such as furniture, fitness equipments, home appliances, etc.
  • exceptional customer service.
  • There are many product categories.


  • Available in limited countries
  1. US Direct

This eCommerce site has hundreds of products available, which is more than CJ Dropshipping, and you can sign up instantly. Your account and your supplier store’s inventory can be instantaneously synchronised. The site can help you scale your business, but the costs and monthly plans are too high. It is a great CJdropshipping alternative for  US citizens. Only US citizens are eligible to use it.


  • There are no markup prices.
  • US 24 hour direct customer service is offered.
  • offers a variety of items


  • The monthly cost of an inventory subscription is $99, while the monthly cost of a complete automation subscription is $150.
  • Only drop shippers from the USA can use this.
  • lengthy lead times for drop shipping.
  1. Printful

The best platform for those who love designing is Printful. You can drop-ship your products after uploading your designs. Consider that you want to market t-shirts and other things with designs. By using Printful for dropshipping, delivery times can be shortened.


  • There are more than 300 items available.
  • Simple integration with external platforms like Shopify
  • Contains specialised products


  • You will not be able to return any items
  • Shipping can take long time.
  • It works well with only a few different kinds of products.
  1. Modalyst

The best alternative for those who love fashion is CJ Dropshipping. Delivery is quick with Modalyst, and it functions nicely on other platforms like eBay.


  • Fast delivery
  • There are numerous products.
  • The product supply levels are directly synchronised with the your shop


  • High transaction costs
  • It works well with fashion drop shippers only.
  • For premium suppliers, there are some fees.
  1. Doba

Doba provides a superior substitute to all other brands. The site focuses on a particularly dropshipping. It links qualified retailers with potential suppliers. On the website, automated dropshipping is also possible. Doba serves as a go-between for retailers and goods. Doba offers more than 2 million items for sale, including clothing and books.

  • Doba has over 2,000,000 products.
  • Exporting products from Doba is simple to eBay and other eCommerce websites.
  • Doba offers a 30-day free trial.


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