Dropship Rabbit: Find Best Products to Sell in 2022

dropship rabbit
Dropship Rabbit is a product winning tool created for eCommerce sellers to assist dropshippers in finding the best selling items and obtaining the newest trends. By adopting Dropship Rabbit, dropshippers may accelerate their dropshipping operation without wasting time on product research.

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Dropship Rabbit is one of the best and most dependable dropshipping tools. Despite being relatively new on the market, it already has a sizable user base and some absolutely fantastic features.

It’s easy to use, according to many users of the dropshipping tool. It makes it simple to select the ideal products and offers all the features a consumer would like. In this Dropship Rabbit review, I will discuss its best features, niches, pricing and pros and cons.

What is Dropship Rabbit?

Using the e-commerce platform Dropship Rabbit, users may find the best products to sell. Additionally, it provides a wide range of additional important features that support user organization and e-store expansion.

It offers to assist consumers in finding all new and popular products, as is evident from looking at its website. They are able to sell successful products and run a successful business as a result.

Features of Dropship Rabbit?

feature of dropship-rabbit

Some of the most amazing features that Dropship Rabbit provides its consumers with include:

  • Extensive product database
  • Latest products
  • Feature-rich product list
  • Facebook tutorials
    • Huge Product Database

    The largest product database for dropshipping is available at Dropship Rabbit, which contains over 97 million products, over 130,000 new products added every day, and over one thousand trending and popular items. In addition to giving you access to millions of products, it also speeds up the process of discovering your niche by using a filter. By doing this, they help you save time and money spent on product research.

    • Latest Products

    The team of Dropship Rabbit do the hard job for you. They look for the most current popular items from all the dropshipping sites. They have a collection of products in three categories:

    • The Top Sellers from last week’s Best Sellers
    • Today Best Seller
    • Just-launched Best Seller

According to analyses of the previous week and the present day, the top-selling products are listed in the first two categories. Due to the information provided about the products that were the most popular during the previous week and that day, finding products to sell is made simple.

The newest products with great sales are included in the third category. Unlike the first two, this feature makes sure you are aware of the products with the highest chance of success. Additionally, it enables you to offer them when there is no competition, boosting the chance that your product or products will be purchased as well as your market potential.

• Feature-rich Product List

Dropship Rabbit offers a product listing that contains all details you would like, including:

    • Description and title
    • Photos of the product
    • link to a selected manufacturer
    • best suppliers link
    • Link to Amazon or eBay
    • Link to the e-store of a competitor
    • Link to competitor’s page on Facebook
    • Link to Facebook Ad of Competitors
    • Ready Ad text
    • Ready video Ad
    • Animated DIF in description
    • Targeted audience

This information will help you choose the products that you love from millions of bestsellers. It also gives you detailed information about each product, so you and your customers know exactly what you’re selling. This increases your credibility and builds trust with your customers.

The linking features allow you to manage the supplier (or choose the link) that you will use for each product. You can easily promote your products via social media using the ready text and video ads. The targeted audience features will ensure that your ads reach the right customers. These features will ensure that your products are seen by the right people and increase their chance of being sold.

• Facebook Tutorials

Two Facebook lessons are also available to users of Dropship Rabbit in order to facilitate their work or assist newcomers: Facebook Ads for Dropshipping 2020 Edition and Facebook Ads for Beginners 2020.


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Dropship Rabbit Niches

With a catalog that is continually expanding, Dropship Rabbit offers millions of products from thousands of different niches. It covers a variety of markets, including:

  • Car Accessory
  • Gadgets
  • Gifts
  • Health and Beauty
  • Home and Kitchen
  • Kids and Baby
  • Outdoor
  • Pets
  • Accessories for phones
  • Sports and Fitness

You have a lot of flexibility to select the niches that appeal to you the most because there are so many to pick from. There are hundreds of thousands of products available, sorted by price, popularity, and sales success, no matter which category you select.

What is the price of Dropship Rabbit?

dropship rabbit pricing

The pricing for Dropship Rabbit is simple and divided into two tiers. The monthly prices for the standard and premium levels are $14.99 and $19.99, respectively.  They also have standard plush and premium plus level pricing at $89.94 and $119.94 per year. The only additional features in the premium tier are the viral video for your marketing campaigns and a more complex training on Facebook ads for dropshippers.

More on dropship rabbit pricing

Dropship Rabbit Pros

  • The massive collection of stores and merchandise makes it easier to conduct the research needed by Dropshippers. The ability to access niche markets is easy for Dropshippers.
  • Dropshippers are able to access very complete product information to help them make a decision. Making use of this information can boost the rate at which products are converted.
  • Dropship Rabbit provides videos for the development of Dropshippers.
  • High-profit and winning products allow you to become rich in a matter of hours.

Dropship Rabbit Cons

  • There isn’t a search or sort feature
  • Dropshippers are not able to view the items in the database in accordance with certain guidelines.
  • Dropship Rabbit provides winners directly, without allowing users to sort and locate the winning products by themselves. This will ensure that the majority of Dropship Rabbit users selling the identical products.
  • There is no trial period for free. Dropshippers must be able to pay $14.99 for the first time to use these services.

Dropship Rabbit Alternatives

Here some potential dropship rabbit alternatives:


Yes! they have community of  Facebook group, join here

The Dropship Rabbit finds top-selling products using expert learning.

For your business, researching profitable niches and products can be very time-consuming and challenging. You’ll spend hours researching a product, just to have it fall flat most of the time! Using this tool, you can get products that have already been DEMONSTRATED to be top sellers on other websites along with income projections. You can immediately obtain a list of successful products that you can offer on your own store instead of spending time testing substandard products.

The Standard Plan membership costs only $14,99 a month and is refundable after just one transaction. Anytime during the membership, you may cancel.


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