Dsers Chrome Extension for Aliexpress Dropshipping

Dsers Chrome Extension
Dsers chrome extension is considered as the “Best AliExpress dropshipping tool for eCommerce.” Oberlo was leading until recently. however, it has shutdown its operation recently.

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Dropshipping extensions can assist you in automating order picks, tracking competitors, and product selections.

Consider the DSers Shopify Chrome extension if you’re seeking for the best dropshipping tool for your online store. The best part is that its free to use. Using DSers is simple due to its capacity to handle hundreds of orders at once.

After the product selection from Aliexpress using Dsers, you can also calculate the product price for maximum price margin before you list the product on your store using this free chrome extension.

What is Dsers Chrome Extension?

What is Dsers

DSers is a dropshipping tool that enables users to look up the top products and add them to their ecommerce stores.

You can fully automate your dropshipping business with DSers, from product research to order fulfilment.

How to Connect Shopify Store to Dsers?

How to Connect Shopify Store to Dsers

First you need to sign up on Dsers.com.  For DSers to begin doing its magic, you must install and connect the app through the Shopify App store

So, type “DSers” in the Shopify search field.

To install the app, just follow to the procedures below:.



  1. When you click the “Add app” button, the installation screen will open.
  2. After that, select “Install app” and input the URL of your store when prompted.
  3. Once you’ve completed that, simply click the “Install DSers” button to finish.
  4. It’s time to link your DSers account with the Chrome extension you installed after installing DSers.

Here’s how to link your DSers account to the DSers Chrome extension:

To begin with, confirm that you are logged into your DSers account.

Next, click the “Chrome Extension” option on the official DSers website.

Thirdly, select the “Add to Chrome” option to be sent to the Chrome Web Store where you may get the most recent version.

The final step is to click the “Add extension” button, and you’re done!

It’s time to use the DSers Chrome extension now that you’ve installed it and linked it to your DSers account.

You can use the DSers Chrome addon after setting up and connecting your DSers account.


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Main Features of Dsers Chrome Extension

When looking for products, the DSers Chrome extension will save you time and money thanks to its wide range of options.

We’ll look over each DSers Chrome extension feature in depth in this section.

Let’s start with some of the stuff the DSers Chrome extension allows you to do:

  • Product Research Keyword

You can use keywords to search for products on DSers. As a result, you may quickly find the precise item you’re looking for without having to sift through numerous pages of results.

Simply enter the search terms for the item you’re looking for in the DSers search box. The products that match your keywords will be displayed to you by DSers.


The product you want to add to DSers can then be selected, and the product’s details can be changed before being added to your DSers account.

  • Management of Stock

You can be sure that the products you’re interested in are still available because DSers gives real-time information on product stock levels.

Simply click the setting to use this feature.

Product stock alerts can then be turned on or off from that point. When you enable product stock notifications, DSers will inform you anytime a product’s stock levels change.

  • Order Tracking

Typically, there are apps whose primary function is to track the order whenever you dropship products. Users may follow their orders from beginning to end with DSers.

This means that you can track your orders on the same platform from the time you place them until they are delivered to your clients. It’s a big deal!

If you consider it, placing an order on AliExpress and receiving updates from DSers along the process will result in a faster shop loading time since you won’t need to use any other apps to follow your orders or browse products.

  • Find Suppliers

With this tool, you can choose a product category from a variety of categories, but the ones that dropshippers will find most helpful are:

  • Winning products
  • Cost-effective

The results can also be filtered by newest, order, and price.

Why are the above- mentioned categories more pertinent to dropshippers?

Dropshippers are constantly hunting for products that will be profitable. DSers removes the guesswork from identifying those products by highlighting the profitable and popular items.

They are aware of the best-selling products, but they also need to locate suppliers that can offer such stuff at competitive prices. 

For Current Store

To connect the existing shop to Oberlo follow these steps:

  1. On the Oberlo Admin page, click on the create or connect button for a store.
  2. Then, a pop-up that asks for the URL of the store will appear on the screen.
  3. Simply type in or copy and paste the URL into this section, and then click connect my store button.
  4. After clicking connect my store button, you will receive an alert to download Oberlo.
  5. Make sure you confirm the installation in order to complete the process of integrating your Oberlo account with you Shopify as well as your AliExpress marketplace.

For New Online Store

If you do not have an existing account on AliExpress or Shopify, Oberlo can assist in fully opening the store platform you prefer while integrating them into Oberlo right away

  1. If you are establishing your existing shop, be sure you open the Oberlo admin page and go to the connect or create to a store button.
  2. Under the URL box to fill in on the pop-up window, click the begin your trial for free from the Shopify link.
  3. Click here, and then to sign up for an account, fill in the required sign-up information via Shopify’s website.
  4. After the sign-up process has been completed by Shopify after which you’ll be able to go back on the Oberlo page.
  5. From there, return to the Oberlo admin section, and select “create or connect to a store” option.
  6. Follow the instructions provided for integrating an online store that you already have with Oberlo. Oberlo account.

How to Start AliExpress Dropshipping with Dsers

Dropshipping with Aliexpress is divided in simple 5 steps by DSers :

  1. Find and add profitable products to your online store: Finding products from reputable suppliers is simple with the help of DSers’ “Supplier Optimizer”. Additionally, you may edit products (and product variants) and publish them to your online store with only a few clicks. Go to the DSers dashboard and use the side navigation bar to find the import list.
    • Enter the AliExpress URL to add items.
    • Alternatively, if you have the Chrome extension installed, you can simply click the DSers symbol to add items directly from AliExpress.
  2. When you’ve added all the items you want to your import list, choose “push to Shopify” to add the items to your Shopify store. Products can be simultaneously pushed to various retailers.
  3. Orders are received and immediately synced by DSers across all of your online stores so that you can monitor this information from a single dashboard.
  4. Order from suppliers on AliExpress: With DSers’ batch ordering feature, you can quickly place a large number of orders.
  5. Fulfill and monitor customer orders with DSers, which produces order tracking numbers and lets you to send them to customers automatically.

Pros and Cons


DSers is inexpensive – There are three premium options and even a free plan available. All of which provide a number of useful features at a reasonable cost.

  • It is simple to use and intuitive.
  • You’ll save time with its various automation capabilities, like inventory updates and price rules that operate automatically.
  • There is no limit to the quantity of orders you can handle.
  • One DSers account can be used to manage several eCommerce stores.
  • Numerous delivery alternatives are available, and you can take advantage of lower shipping costs.
  • Deliveries from AliExpress can be tracked.
  • Bundles of products can be made.
  • You can use the Admitad Affiliate prograe to get paid for your purchases made on AliExpress.


  • There are limited possibilities for bulk editing of items (such as their various attributes)
  • Only three main eCommerce platforms are integrated with by DSers, and there aren’t many additional app extensions available.
  • The products you added before to switching to DSers are not automatically updated by DSers.

Migrating from Oberlo to Dsers

If you presently use the Oberlo Chrome extension, switching to DSers is simple.

Just go to the help centre and follow the simple instructions that DSers have created for Oberlo users from there.

Alternatives of Dsers Chrome Extension


Below are some of the famous alternatives of Dsers


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