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Ecomdash is a platform for inventory management and order fulfillment that enables users to control all online sales channels from a single interface. Small to midsize multi-channel web shops are the target market of Ecomdash.

Users of Ecomdash can define their inventory rules for each channel and automatically sync inventory levels across all of their sales channels. Ecomdash is integrated with Amazon and eBay. The platform sends and receives data from suppliers, fulfillment centers, and online sales channels, allowing users better control over business.

What is Ecomdash?

No matter where you sell your products, Ecomdash is a multi-channel inventory management system that may assist you in keeping track of and completing orders. You can have it open in a separate tab while working on your online store because it is compatible with all current browsers.

Who can Use Ecomdash?

Ecomdash can be used by small business owners who operate both online and offline sales channels to combine sales and shipment information. Larger retailers who have to deal with multiple physical locations have found it to be useful due to this feature.

Key Features

key features
  • Order fulfillment When your customers make their orders, Ecom dash can take a look at your stock and then make the adjustments. The app will automatically manage order fulfillment, and ensure that your customers receive what they ordered.
  • Updates and backups: Administrators can download all their specifications for their products by pressing one button. They can then do massive mass updates so that they don’t need to alter each listing by hand.
  • Automation of workflows: By taking advantage of Ecom dash’s workflows that are automated that drastically cut down the time required managing your stock. It is possible to copy any specification for a product and edit it to further reduce the time required for hand-written data entry.
  • Access to multiple devices simultaneously: Because Ecom dash uses cloud-based storage models it is able to transfer inventory information across all of your devices at once. This is great for people selling online and at trade shows.
  • Warehousing People who control themselves supply chains are able to keep track of the availability of items in their warehouses, and make sure that there is plenty of all the items their customers could require.
  • unlimited profiles Ecom dash lets you create unlimited numbers of listing profiles for each sale channel. This makes listing your products an easy task.
  • Dashboard for sales: A visit to the main dashboard is all you require to gain access to the latest information regarding all the sales avenues you have. Ecom dash integrates information from all sources onto one page, so that you’re not ever in the in the dark.
  • Support for multi-platforms: The app comes equipped with support for several platforms and you can connect to your online marketplace simply by entering the necessary information. The app can work from the beginning using eBay Amazon, WooCommerce, and more than 50 other well-known online eCommerce sites.


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According to user reviews, some of the product’s limitations include:

  • It is not suitable for businesses that require barcode scanning capabilities, since it can’t print barcodes.
  • Tedious to make product groups.
  • The limited customization of packing lists. Additionally, packing slips can’t allow for shipping costs or other additional credits or charges.
  • Text size and logo size limit must be improved.


  • Integrated SolutionIn accordance with 100% reviews, having tools for sales and accounting  integrated in one system is a major benefit of the app.
  • Simple to Use:The app is simple to use and navigate, as per the majority of user reviews about this feature.
  • Process Orders:According to more than 80% of the reviews regarding this feature it improves the speed of the process of processing orders and managing.
  • data uploadsIt allows users to quickly upload the entire orders using a CSV file.  ​​​​​
  • Customer Service:More than 65 percent of reviews claim that it offers fast and efficient support, with many of the employees go above and beyond to resolve problems and assist users.


  • Doesn’t Print Barcodes: It just creates barcodes; it cannot scan or print them. This is a serious issue.

    Update bug reports: More than 85% of reviews on this subject claim that app occasionally contain significant flaws.

    High Learning Curve: Considering the vast range of features it provides, all reviews on this aspect note that there is a steep learning curve for new users.


$25/month for up to 100 Sales Orders/month

$75/month for up to 500 Sales Orders/month

$175/month for up to 2000 Sales Orders/month

$350/month for up to 10000 Sales Orders/month


Starting price:  $25.00 per month

Free trial:  Available

Free version:  Not Available

Ecomdash Alternatives

Following are potential Ecomdash alternatives:


Ecomdash integrations are available with following platforms:


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