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AMZScout is one of those Amazon sellers tools which has changed the way e-commerce sales are performed.

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Amazon is the largest online marketplace. Almost any kind of product can be sold on Amazon. Selling stuff on Amazon is a common way for consumers to earn extra cash. However, you’re not the only person profiting from Amazon’s popularity. In reality, you are not alone. You need a great Amazon product research tool to keep ahead of the competition, which is why I’ll explain how AMZScout may benefit your business in this review.

Increased competition results from big websites like Amazon. It can be difficult to stand out. Before you can advance in the rankings of Amazon’s product search results, it needs time and a track record of success.

Every sector and product category is filled with millions of businesses offering products. Businesses must use creativity and innovation in the development of their products and services. They must also employ software and other resources that can offer them an advantage over their competitors.

For Amazon sellers, there are several tools available for conducting product research to find the best selling products on Amazon. These resources aid their understanding of the marketplace. They also offer advice on how to effectively market their products in order to spark interest and increase sales.

Product research tools give Amazon sellers access to metrics data that can be used to assess the success of their products while also assisting sellers in understanding the industry. They can even monitor sales data for various products.

In a crowded field, using an Amazon market research tool like AMZScout can help you stand out. You can utilize the information given to decide how to sell your goods most effectively and persuade customers to buy from you.

What is AMZScout?

what is amzscout

 AMZScout is one of the best tools available for Amazon sellers. Its a tool for researching product and market data can assist in the success of your business. You can use this tool to project income in addition to knowing more about product searches. You’ll be aware of the best ways to run your business and draw in additional clients.

Amazon merchants can access historical pricing data and product rankings with AMZScout. It can be used to assess the quality of product listings so that sellers can precisely forecast their monthly sales figures.

The tool was developed to help organizations and individuals in maximizing their internet business. Additionally, rating data and statistics on Fulfillment by Amazon fees are obtained through AMZScout.

Amazon vendors frequently use AMZScout for the reasons listed below:

  • To carry out product research and find new potential for products.
  • To do market and competitor research on Amazon.
  • To make use of data mining’s amazing export option for data.

AMZScout offers a lot of helpful features. Its most important features are the AMZScout Chrome Extension, Microsoft Edge, and the AMZScout Web Application. A more comprehensive version of the chrome extension is the web application.


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AMZScout Features and How it Works?

AMZScout may be used in numerous ways. The Web App, though, is perhaps the most significant.

What you will discover inside is as follows:

  • Product Database
  • Product Tracker
  • Keywords Explorer
  • Product Keywords


  • Product Database

Amazon’s entire catalogue at a glance. Access to sales information, history, supply, demand, and anything else is instant. 

You can access a product database through AMZScout, which helps in the discovery of profitable new ideas. As a seller, you may use the dashboard to search the database for all comparable product categories by entering a keyword or ASIN.

Following your search for the item, you will be shown the image and description of every other item that is related to it. This makes it simple to determine if a product has been profitable or not and how much it will cost to sell it on Amazon. You can also exclude any unproductive products that have a lot of competition or a high selling price by using a variety of filters.

  • Product Tracker

You may quickly save the things you intend to sell later using the product tracker. For these items, you can make a database that will provide you access to a variety of information. With the save button, you can keep adding new products to the database.

You may see all of the product’s trends and sales information by using the access button. You can quickly ascertain whether or not those products will be advantageous for future sales in this method.

  • Keywords Explorer

Additionally, AMZScout offers you the useful function of a keyword explorer.  Finding relevant keywords for your listings is the initial strategy. If you already sell stuff on Amazon, you may quickly look for high-density keywords using the Amazon Keyword Search.

Users most frequently use those keywords to find your product or a product that is related to it. Your product will have a better chance of ranking when someone searches for a product using that specific keyword once you’ve added the term to your description.

  • Product Keywords

To use the Product Keywords tool, simply enter the ASIN of any product in the search window. You can see a list of the keywords that the product is rated for after pressing “Enter.” You can choose how to phrase your product descriptions and titles using this tool for product research.

AMZScout Chrome Extension

AMZScout chrome extension

Note that the AMZScout Chrome Extension is available for free. Even better, there is no cost to you.

However, this free edition only allows for 15 usage. You must pay for more if you want it.

But you can learn some really useful things.

Click here to install this AMZScout chrome extension.

AMZScout Pros and Cons

pros and cons


  • Business Niche Search

Finding products that fit your niche and boost your Amazon sales is simple with AMZScout. As soon as you begin using effective product tracker, you will be able to identify high-margin products.

  • Category Browsing

You can increase your income and achieve your goal product sales by using AMZScout to look into niches with strong sales.

Since there are thousands of established competitors in the market, it is crucial to make intelligent business decisions and avoid falling into the trap of high search volume categories.

  • Latest Trends

Using data and visualisations from AMZScout, you may identify the Amazon product categories that are popular with consumers.

With the help of this tool, you can easily conduct your research on popular items and use them on your website before the competition does.

  • Monitor Sellers

You can examine the seller’s statistics, including sales, a product tracker, a product database, categories, rankings, prices, and deals, by utilizing AMZScout. With the tools included in their premium subscriptions, it is possible.

  • FBA Fee and Profits

The merchants’ ability to assess prices, benefits, and taxes was further facilitated by this wonderful product solution. To do this, you don’t need to be a math genius because AMZScout will handle all the calculations for you.


  • Limited Free Trial

The limited trial period for using AMZ Scout’s features is one of the aspects that users did not enjoy.

For instance, the Pro Extension can only be used 15 times before you have to start paying. The Web App is also only free to use for one week.

  • Unavailability of Product Launch Features

A feature that would assist retailers in launching new products on Amazon is missing from AMZ Scout.

AMZScout Pricing

The cost of AMZScout is really competitive.

The AMZScout Web App and AMZScout Pro Extension are available for $23 per month. Additionally, the Pro Extension is available for a one-time payment of $599 for lifetime.

Also keep in mind that the Pro Extension gives you 15 free uses. Start your free trial right away by going here.

AMZScout FBA Calculator

AMZSCout FBA fee calculator is a free Google Chrome extension. It can be used to figure out costs and other important financial information for any kind of product. When you use Amazon’s FBA services, there are typically a number of costs associated.

You must take into account each unique cost you are incurring, such as those for delivery, packing, handling, and product returns. No matter how many various kinds of products they offer, this is a time-consuming task for all Amazon merchants.

AMZScout Reviews by Customers

This tool has very good rating by customers on Trustpilot. Its average rating is 4.6/5.0 based on 528 users on Trustpilot.

AMZScout Alternatives

There are some potential AMZScout alternatives are available. You can also try them.


AMZScout is one of the top-rated tool among Amazon sellers, and it is easy to see why.   The Chrome extension from Amz Scout is incredibly simple to use and offers an effective niche discovery tool that can find valuable phrases for you quickly.

I would certainly recommend trying out their free trial because it’s also extremely reasonably priced in comparison to other research tools on the market.


Yes, AMZScout has a free trial, and you can cancel it any time.

The AMZScout Web App and Pro Extension are available for $23 per month. Additionally, the Pro Extension is available for a one-time payment of $599 for lifetime.

While the data provided by AMZScout is accurate in the majority of cases—no product research tool is 100% accurate—there may occasionally be situations where the results are incorrect.

When you browse products, simply open the product page to see the fees and overall cost for that particular item.


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