How to Download Product Images and Videos from Aliexpress

aliexpress video downloader extension
If you want to increase your online store sales, you will need good quality product images and videos which can be easily downloaded from Aliexpress.

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Utilizing product images and videos from AliExpress will increase your online sales because videos are the most effective marketing content utilized by marketers.

Is it prohibited to download AliExpress videos and images of products? While some AliExpress images and videos include the brand of the seller as a watermark, most of them are free to use and some have copyright concerns.

Increasing the online presence of your product is now simple thanks to the ilazy chrome extension which can be used to download Aliexpress product images, videos and description with click on a button. You may have to start your own product video production if you don’t want to use Aliexpress images and videos.

What is Aliexpress

Online businesses can offer a wide range of products from the marketplace AliExpress in their stores. Demand prices are frequently extremely competitive. Although AliExpress bills itself as an online shop, its merchants are aware that many of their clients dropship.

Finding items to sell on AliExpress is simple and free of inventory or shipping concerns. You can purchase items from this store at wholesale rates and then use dropshipping to have them shipped right to your consumers. Aliexpress offers it’s chrome extension Dsers to dropship from Aliexpress easily.


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Aliexpress Video Downloader Extension & Images Downloader Extension

AliExpress is among the most famous source of dropshipping products.   Experts have created Chrome extension to enable you to download product images, videos, and descriptions to make dropshipping simpler for you.

Retailers of online stores can also use this Chrome extension.

You can use iLazy Chrome Extension to download Aliexpress Product Images & Videos if you’re a dropshipper or reseller. You can download product videos and images from AliExpress with the help of this Chrome extension. Using this extension, you can quickly download different product image variations and product description as well.

To download product videos and images from AliExpress, follow these instructions:

  • Step 1: Install iLazy chrome extension from google webstore

Install the AliExpress product video download extension for your browser by visiting the Chrome Web Store. It is simple to use and free.

When you click the Add to Chrome button, the extension will begin to download and be installed in your Google Chrome browser, ready to use.

  • Step 2: Register for iLazy Account and Choose the Package of Your Choice


Register account

Just click on iLazy chrome extension in your browser. Now click on register account option and enter your details. Your account will be created immediately.

You can also create new account with your existing gmail ID by clicking on continue with gmail option.

Now you have 3 packages available.

  1. Free
  2. Starter
  3. and Master


choose package

The Free Package will give you access to

  • Unlimited downloads
  • Main product image download
  • and variation images download

The Starter Package will give you access to

  • Everything in Free and plus
  • Images Description download

The Master Package is best one to choose. It will offer you

  • Everything in starter package plus
  • Main video download
  • Systematize files
  • 24/7 VIP support
  • Step 3: Choose Setting and Download Aliexpress Product Images and Videos


choose settings

After selecting you desire package,go to and click on the product your want to download images and videos.

A blue download button will appear on the left bottom corner. Then click on the settings icon appearing on left side of the blue download button. You can choose Main product images, descriptions and Video to download.

After that just click on that blue download button.

Here it is! You have downloaded the product images and video from Aliexpress with the click on a button.

download from aliexpress

How to Download Videos from Aliexpress using Source Code Method

When downloading videos from AliExpress, you can choose to get the source code if you enjoy playing around with code or learning how things operate in the background. This is how you do it:

Step 1:

If you want to download a video from an AliExpress product page, right-click on the video to bring up the “inspect element” menu.

Step 2:

Next, look for a link with a.mp4 extension once the inspect element console has been opened.

Enter “.mp4” in the search box to see all of the content on the page that contains the “.mp4” file extension. These files might even be highlighted by Chrome, making it simpler to find the link.

Step 3:

All that would be left to do is find the video link, highlight it, and then right-click the highlighted text to open it in a new browser tab. Completing prompts the video to be downloaded automatically to your downloads folder.


NOTE: You may also arrive at a video website and the video will begin playing there rather than downloading immediately. Right-clicking and selecting “Save video as” will do the trick in such situation. The online video player’s “download video” option is also available to you.


This completes the process of downloading the AliExpress product video to your computer.

Is it Legal to use Aliexpress Product Images and Videos

To be accurate, the copyright and trademark restrictions set by the creator or the authorized supplier determine whether or not using AliExpress product videos is permissible. The usage of practically all product videos from AliExpress is ethically and legally acceptable.


You won’t likely face legal action for downloading and using AliExpress product videos because there are so many sellers and manufacturers there looking for customers. The majority of the customers are dropshippers, they finally realise.

Product owners are unlikely to attach copyright and trademark rights when dropshipping to obtain AliExpress videos and images is evident.

Identifying whether the product videos and pictures are from a retailer, the manufacturer, or a private label is the most important. Use of Google image search is the only available alternative.

Unique product videos and photographs will help you market your company and increase sales.


Your online store’s conversion rate will go up if you publish products with high-quality videos and images. Choose the best images before downloading them from AliExpress using iLazy chrome extension.

Don’t forget to look at the other image options like image variations and description etc.


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