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People often ask ” What is Dropshipping?” Is Dropshipping profitable or another question we often hear “is dropshipping legal?”

Although it may sound too good to be true, the dropshipping model as well as how you can start a dropshipping business are two of the fastest growing types for eCommerce businesses.

Continue reading to find out more about dropshipping and its legality. Also, learn some tips for dropshipping properly.

Dropshipping is now one of the most effective methods to earn profit in this eCommerce world. Demand for products is increasing to the point that anyone can open an online store and earn immediately.

But is reselling an item you don’t own be considered legal? In general, dropshipping is legal and common business model. The trick is to stay clear of the risky pitfalls when you go on your profitable journey.

We’ll talk about the best ways to manage a dropshipping business in a legal manner. We’ll discuss the different conditions a business has to meet and the types of practices to avoid crossing over into the illegal side. While dropsipping, you can also download the awesome product images using this free chrome extension.

Is Dropshipping Legal?

Dropshipping is not only legal; it’s all around us. Dropshipping is used by both traditional retail retailers and eCommerce stores.

Dropshipping is essentially a fulfilment strategy, if you think about it. You take customer orders and have your supplier send the products directly to the customer. Therefore, dropshipping is preferred by many retail stores. Compared to keeping inventory, it is a less risky, quicker, cheaper, and easier way.

So, in that situation, you may be asking is dropshipping legal on Facebook, Wix, Shopify, Amazon, and eBay?

Absolutely yes!

Major e-commerce platforms like Shopify and Wix currently support and promote dropshipping. Oberlo, a platform for dropshipping that helps in product research, is owned by Shopify. Wix, meanwhile, just launched a thorough dropshipping platform.

You can be confident that reputable businesses like these wouldn’t risk publicising illegal practices.

Additionally, dropshipping from wholesale suppliers is promoted by eBay, a well-known international online platform. Dropshipping from retail marketplaces like Amazon is technically prohibited, but in practise many sellers do it without problem.

However, there are ways that dropshipping on any platform could end up being against the law. You cannot, for instance, sell items that are protected by trademarks or copyrights.


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What Products Are Legal To Dropship?

what prducts are legal to dropshing

You should focus on the products you’re selling in addition to maintaining order in your business. In a dropshipping store, nothing and everything are allowed.

Maintaining the legality of your items requires the following four factors

  1. avoiding products with copyrights
  2. Not offering age-restricted or prohibited products
  3. excluding harmful items from the list
  4. Don’t market specialised products like vitamins or medical items.

Let’s explore each in more detail so that we are aware of what to watch out for. You should AVOID these categories of products.

  1. Copyright Products

We’ll start with copyrights since dropshippers often blunder in this area. Avoid listing or selling anything that you are aware is copyrighted as a general rule. There are many more that you would not recognise on your own, however major labels like Nike or Adidas are more obvious.

There is a list of manufacturers and dealers whose products we are prohibited from reselling on the eBay VeRO website. The database contains comprehensive information on the strategies each company plans to use to prosecute copyright breaches.

  1. Age Restricted and Forbidden Products

The following items on our list are age-restricted and forbidden products. While dropshippers are less likely to commit this mistake, it nevertheless has more serious implications than copyright violations.

The majority of countries have strict laws and rules prohibiting the sale of age-restricted products to children, particularly in large markets like the US or Europe.

To give an example, selling alcohol or tobacco to minors is punishable by a fine or even jail time in some US states.

  1. Firearms, Ammo, And Other Dangerous Weapon

You should stay as far away from the risky category of weapons and ammunition as possible. Some call for specific licences held by both you and the buyer, while others are outright prohibited.

Given the severe consequences for breaking these regulations, one mistake could result in criminal liability. And on top of that, you might also be held accountable for harm and damage brought on by the use of these weapons.

  1. Medical Supplies And Similar Categories?

Medical devices and supplements are two more product categories you should not offer in your dropshipping store, despite the fact that they are less dangerous than firearms.

The promotion and sale of these products are subject to specific laws and rules. You’ll need to use extra caution when making promises in a product description or advertisement. You can occasionally need a unique licence in order to sell them.

Customers may also seek advice and instructions on using or troubleshooting a medical medication or supplement after receiving it. You can’t help them unless you have the necessary information.

Finally, you and your business may be held responsible for unusual injury incidents brought on by the usage of a medical device. Consequently, it is essential to adhere to the simple categories that you may sell and market as you see fit.

Is Dropshipping Legal in The US, UK, Canada, And Australia?

dropshiping in usa, australia and uk

The dropshipping model is legal in the vast majority of the countries. Each may, however, establish its own rules.


For instance, each country has its own set of tax rules. Depending on where you live, there may be different income tax structures. In contrast, the import tax is based on the final consumer’s location.


Similar to taxes, each country may have different rules governing internet sales. For instance, the UK enforces strict consumer protection and anti-competitive regulations, but other countries might not.


Thankfully, many suppliers and distribution channels take care of national regulations on our behalf. But some people might not. Before entering new markets, attempt to become familiar with the legal framework of each country to avoid undesirable shocks.

Dropship Legally and Earn

You now have access to a comprehensive guide on dropshipping legally. Even while it may seem like a lot of information, keep in mind that many legal obstacles are already covered by various selling channels. You have got the answer to the question “is dropshipping legal?”

The scenarios we outlined are also rare. The majority of dropshippers are opposed to selling guns. It’s also uncommon for a supplier to rip you off without your purchase or send a bogus product.

Dropshipping is ultimately both profitable and legal. So why should regulations scare you away?

You can read out great articles about dropshipping here and earn maximum profit.


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