Megagoods: Specialist in Consumer Electronics Dropshipping

Megagoods Inc, a dropshipper located in Los Angeles, California. This wholesale dropshipper is an established name in consumer electronics.

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Because of technology breakthroughs and the influence of popular culture, consumer electronics demand has been steadily rising in recent years.  Finding the ideal dropshipping firm to ship your products and stock may seem overwhelming if you are just getting started or trying to establish your brand.

Megagoods Inc.  provides Dropshipping  services in a simple and understandable way. Megagoods Inc. was established in 2004. This distributor has many different product and category options. You may learn why this dropshipping service is so helpful for small businesses searching for a simple fix from this review.

What Products Can I Sell with Megagoods?

  • Product Catalog

Megagoods specializes on selling electronic wholesale products. There are a few exceptions, such as dinnerware and kitchenware. Since the selection is so limited, it could be challenging to choose goods that are appropriate for your business. You have the opportunity to download awesome products images and video using this free google chrome extension and use them on your store.

The Megagoods product directory can be browsed by selecting a category you like and scrolling through the pages. There are no filters or options for sorting the results of your searches. However, a segment listing the top 25 best-selling new arrivals is also included.

  • Supplier Information

Little information about Megagoods’ product suppliers is provided.  They sell products from famous companies like Disney, Revlon, and Boss.

How Do I Sell with Megagoods?

how to sell


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  • Order Placement and Fulfillment

You must explore Megagoods’ product page and add items to your shopping cart in order to place an order. Complete the required fields and proceed to checkout. You won’t need to provide any other information for Megagoods to process and complete your order.

  • Delivery and Tracking

Megagoods may send orders within the US via FedEx (to mailing addresses) and USPS (for PO boxes).

Shipping to other countries is also an option.

You must add Megagoods credit to your account via a money order, cashier’s check, or direct bank wire transfer. You can choose your courier after that has been confirmed and place orders.

Because Megagoods automatically uploads the codes to your account, tracking your shipments is simple.

  • Returns and Refunds

Returns must be made within 30 days after delivery for all items. Additionally, they must be undamaged and come with all of their original attachments, warranties, and packaging.

20% restocking fees will apply to some returns.

Megagoods Pros and Cons


A Clear, Uncluttered Website: A website might occasionally look shoddy with a simple design and a background made entirely of white. The Megagood case shows how a website can be highly effective by being simple. Information makes the storefront, which is largely empty, the focal point. This facilitates navigation and information discovery.

On the homepage’s left side, the product categories are visible. There is a search bar at the top. Additionally, there are sections for the top 25 selling items and the newest things. The product catalogue is simple to peruse and offers pertinent details like the item’s weight, condition, and retail price online.

Quality over quantity : Megagoods does not have millions of products like dropshiping companies, but the old adage “quality over quantity” makes up for it. Top manufacturers of these products include Pioneer and Olympus, among others.

Low pricing: Since Megagoods supplies all items, you may anticipate paying less than the suggested retail price.


Fees Additional to Monthly Membership: Each order you place with Megagoods is subject to a $1.50 handling fee in addition to the cost of delivery. Along with your monthly membership fee, this is also required. The item and delivery address are used to calculate the shipping charges. Even while $1.50 might seem like a small sum, small and medium-sized firms can quickly accumulate it. T

he business also levies a 20% goods restocking fee. The cost of restocking the item will be levied by the business if a customer returns something they bought from your store.

Created without specific features: Simplicity is usually a double-edged sword in company strategy. It gets rid of all extra bulk. Products could also come out wanting in some aspects. Megagoods excels at drop shipping, however their popularity is hampered by the absence of automated integration tools, scant inventory notifications, and poor shopping cart connection.

Megagoods Pricing and Discount Coupons

price and discount

You can take advantage of Megagoods’ pretty generous 30-day trial if you only want to browse the site and see what it has to offer; however, if you want to remain a member, you will need to spend $14.99 each month.

Be advised that if an item is not eligible for the restricted free shipping, they charge $1.50 per order in addition to the monthly membership fee. If a consumer chooses to return something, there is also a 20% merchandise-restocking fee needed. The terms of membership and cost obligations of Megagoods, however, are generally simple.

International Shipping

international shipping

Another fantastic aspect of Megagoods is the availability of international shipping. There is a condition. Orders for international shipment must be paid in advance via cashier’s cheque money order, or direct bank transfer.

  • Payment Methods

You can choose from a range of delivery choices at Megagoods. Among the choices are FedEx Ground, FedEx Saver, and FedEx 2nd Day Air. They are also appropriate for PO Boxes.

  • Refurbished Products

Megagoods maintains a stock of refurbished goods. The model number of the item is located next to this icon. Do not be scared, as the maker of each refurbished item in the product catalogue has carefully reviewed and reconditioned it to ensure it meets the highest requirements. They are directly serviced and have a 90-day manufacturer’s guarantee.

  • Payment Methods

American Express, Discover, and Master Card, among other well-known credit cards, are all accepted. According to their FAQ, PayPal is no longer recognized. PayPal ATM/Debit cards can be used to make payments as a workaround.

Megagoods Alternatives

  • ShipStation

Retailers may import and manage orders using ShipStation, an e-commerce and shipping management tool. It offers a lot of interesting features. The user is free to import data from as many sales channels as they choose. It can link with several of the most well-liked market places and shopping cart apps, guaranteeing continuous fulfilment.

  • ShipBob

ShipBob provides easy and rapid 2-day shipping for online shoppers. Distributed fulfilment facilities and order management software are also included. With the help of this software, retailers can divide their goods among several sites, enabling quicker and less expensive shipping.

  • Importify

One of the top systems for dropshipping goods to WooCommerce or Shopify companies is Importify, which is simple and quick to use. It is integrated with all significant e-commerce and wholesale platforms. The automation of dropshipping began simply and is now utilised by thousands of people worldwide.


The positive aspects of Megagoods  are its reasonable subscription charge and 30-day free trial but it has a relatively small selection of products and no dropshipping tools. There are some additional fees that reduce your prospective revenues.


Yes, they do charge a small drop-shipping fee of $1.50 per order.

They do not impose a minimum purchase. Every order has no minimum purchase requirement. If you purchase one item as opposed to many, there will be no additional fees.

They no longer accept Pay Pal as form of payment. All PayPal members have access to an ATM or debit card that may be used to make payments.

The model number will have a (R) next to it if the product has been factory refurbished. The product is brand-new if the model number does not have a (R) next to it. Manufacturer-reconditioned goods have undergone quality inspection testing, and some of them are covered by a 90-day manufacturer’s warranty. Direct warranty service is provided.


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