Niche Scraper Product Hunting Tool: Review and Best Features

Most beginners fail and end up with a poor product that doesn't generate any sales. It's difficult to launch and maintain a successful dropshipping business. To find products that will succeed and be effective, you must work hard and dwell ever more. This is where Niche Scraper comes in.

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Niche Scraper is an innovative dropshipping research platform that comes with an array of powerful tools for identifying winners AliExpress dropshipping items and lucrative niche concepts.

From a carefully curated database of the top-selling AliExpress product listings to live Scraper of products, Shopify analyzer for stores and video advertising maker, Niche Scraper has everything you require to find rapid-moving dropshipping items in only one or two clicks.

No matter if you’re brand new to the dropshipping industry or an experienced online seller, Niche Scraper is an essential tool to build an efficient dropshipping business. You can download dropshipping product images using this free chrome extension. If you don’t know how to download awesome images for your online store, then read this full article.  The Nice scraper alternative called Pexda is also a good option. However, if you wish to read about all product winning tools, just head over this article.

What is Niche Scraper?

One of the most advanced dropshipping research platforms available, Niche Scraper was founded in 2018. Niche Scraper is loaded with innovative features for locating hot products with little competition and high profit margins, including a selected database of more than 1000 winning AliExpress products, a real-time product scraper, and a Shopify business analyzer.

Niche Scraper actually makes it simple for anyone to find top-selling dropshipping products quickly and populate your online store in a matter of clicks.

With over 10,000 users who trust it, Niche Scraper is one of the most liked dropshipping research tools and is recognised for being one of the first to use the most recent developments in product research.


Niche Scraper is regarded as the best platform for product research thanks to its user-friendly website, cutting-edge UI, and free plan for people on a limited budget.


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Benefits and Features

Niche Scraper offers a seemingly endless variety of powerful features and advantages. Everything you need to find winning products quickly is here, including a live product scraper, a selected database of hand-picked AliExpress dropshipping products, and a Shopify site analysis tool.

In reality, Niche Scraper is one of the most feature-rich research platforms for dropshipping available today, with a number of ground-breaking features for discovering products, watching competitors, and scraping AliExpress. With a free edition and affordable monthly and yearly plans, it is also quite simple to use.

  • Database with over 1000 items hand-picked by experts in dropshipping research
  • Scraper for products in real time that instantaneously examines millions of AliExpress products.
  • Comprehensive product analytics, including the total amount of sales, cost as well as profit
  • Links to AliExpress retailers, competitor stores, Amazon sellers and Facebook advertisements
  • Suggestions for Facebook advertising copy and targeting options along with viewers size overview
  • Store analyser with powerful capabilities to detect competitors and highlight the top-selling items
  • Innovative video ads creator that creates high-converting video ads in a matter of seconds
  • A limited free plan, as well as a affordable premium plans that cost just $49.95/month

You can see all features of Niche Scraper here.

Pros and Cons of Niche Scraper

pros and cons

Niche Scraper is one of the best research tools for dropshipping. It also has a few minor drawbacks that must be taken into account.

Niche Scraper is not the greatest option for everyone due to limitations like only working with China-based sellers on AliExpress and a lack of advanced filters or the capacity to scrape any AliExpress goods.

Niche Scraper is actually best suited to ecommerce sellers that want to quickly fill their online store with top-selling dropshipping items obtained from Chinese suppliers.


  • A top dropshipping platform that is modern dropshipping platforms for product research
  • A huge selection of top-quality products selected by e-commerce experts
  • Product analytics that are reliable and accurate, including profits and sales
  • Daily updated with successful products and stores every day
  • All-in-one research platform that includes numerous tools to find hot products
  • Very user-friendly site with modern and easy user interface
  • Free plan with no-cost month-to-month and annual membership choices


  • Products not shipped from UK or EU-based warehouses
  • Often, suggested selling prices and profit margins can be unrealistic.
  • Most China-based suppliers have slow (6-8 week) shipping
  • It is not as extensive as the other hand-picked winners product databases
  • There is no way to view the sales analytics for any AliExpress item.

Find More Nice Scraper Pros and Cons here.

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With Niche Scraper’s free plan, you can only view a certain number of items and data. The PRO membership offers unlimited access to all features for $49.95/month or $199/year, as well as first priority access to each day’s most successful new products.

However, you may get a 50% lifetime discount on the monthly or yearly plan by using our exclusive promo code SOURCELOW at the checkout.

In fact, the discount code would reduce the monthly plan’s price to $18 per month and its annual cost to just $99 per year. When paying monthly, that’s a significant savings of more than $300 each year.

Free Membership

  • Access to only a few winning products scraper
  • Three days delay in the access to the latest products
  • Access is limited to video ads generator

Access to guides is limited and there is no assistance

PRO Membership ($49.95/month)

  • Access to all winning products for life scraper
  • Access to all databases, hand-picked by our staff.
  • Priority access to award-winning products
  • Access to complete product data and analytics
  • Refunds can be made in any time with a 7-day guarantee

PRO Membership Yearly ($199)

  • All PRO member features available
  • Paying yearly saves you over $400 (60%)

Exclusive Discount (50% OFF)

  • All PRO member features available
  • 50% Discount on Monthly or Annual Plans
  • Only $18/month, $99/year (expensive price)
  • At checkout, use code OURCELOW


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