Dropshipping with Oberlo Chrome Extension: A Complete Guide

Oberlo chrome extension is a dropshipping solution to enable the sellers to find products on AliExpress from a variety of suppliers, import them, and sell them on Shopify. To assist sellers in choosing suitable products to market, this dropshipping solution tracks order volume, industry sales trends, and competitor data.

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The Oberlo Chrome extension is one of the tools if you want to launch your dropshipping business on Shopify.

Shopify developed the dropshipping tool Oberlo to make it easier for online sellers to find products on AliExpress and import them into their stores. You may also maintain your product listing, process orders, and ship products with this tool. You can also calculate the product price for maximum price margin before you list the product on your store using this free chrome extension.

You may access Oberlo more conveniently thanks to the Oberlo Chrome Extension. Consider it to be a kind of tool shortcut.

In this article, we’ll look at the benefits of dropshipping as a business model. We’ll also let you know everything you need to get going and succeed as a dropshipper.

Last but not least, you will learn what the Oberlo Chrome extension is for and why using it is a wise choice.

What is Oberlo Chrome Extension?

The Oberlo Chrome extension is an ecommerce tool that supports finding and selling products on your Shopify.

Installing and using the app are both free. However, the extension also offers some premium features for purchase.

The best part is that you don’t have to search for these products yourself because they can all be found in their AliExpress database, which contains over 100 million items.

Using keywords, the tool allows you to select a product that matches to your niche and then imports the data directly into your Shopify store.

Instantly creating a listing with precise images, a competitive pricing, and a detailed description.

How to Install Oberlo Chrome Extension?

Follow follow this step-by-step guide to install Oberlo Chrome extension. 

  1. Open the Google Chrome store on the web.  
  2. Once inside the store, type Oberlo in the search bar.
  3. Click Add to Chrome button.
  4. The Obero Chrome Extension will be added to your chrome browser.

As a default, the Oberlo extension icon will appear to be a grey-purple color. When you visit specific AliExpress pages the icon will appear as blue, which indicates that the action is available.


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How to Configure Oberlo Account with Shopify Store?

The extension is available for download without cost on Google Chrome’s store. There are more than 100 million products that are sold with this Oberlo Extension. This is a great tool for eCommerce retailers with just a couple of clicks you can decide whether to set up or connect your store. To begin your dropshipping business using Oberlo follow the following steps:

For Current Store

To connect the existing shop to Oberlo follow these steps:

  1. On the Oberlo Admin page, click on the create or connect button for a store.
  2. Then, a pop-up that asks for the URL of the store will appear on the screen.
  3. Simply type in or copy and paste the URL into this section, and then click connect my store button.
  4. After clicking connect my store button, you will receive an alert to download Oberlo.
  5. Make sure you confirm the installation in order to complete the process of integrating your Oberlo account with you Shopify as well as your AliExpress marketplace.

For New Online Store

If you do not have an existing account on AliExpress or Shopify, Oberlo can assist in fully opening the store platform you prefer while integrating them into Oberlo right away

  1. If you are establishing your existing shop, be sure you open the Oberlo admin page and go to the connect or create to a store button.
  2. Under the URL box to fill in on the pop-up window, click the begin your trial for free from the Shopify link.
  3. Click here, and then to sign up for an account, fill in the required sign-up information via Shopify’s website.
  4. After the sign-up process has been completed by Shopify after which you’ll be able to go back on the Oberlo page.
  5. From there, return to the Oberlo admin section, and select “create or connect to a store” option.
  6. Follow the instructions provided for integrating an online store that you already have with Oberlo. Oberlo account.

How to Use Ober Chrome Extension for Dropshipping ?

Once you’ve this extension in the Chrome browser, it will be able to begin to search for and import merchandise directly from Shopify as well as AliExpress. To begin, you’ll must be signed into the Oberlo account and the chosen retailer platform (make sure that prior to logging into the portal you have the Oberlo account linked to the AliExpress account)

  • To search for products on AliExpress browse through the category of product by using the search. (Note that you aren’t capable of directly importing products from the AliExpress home page or from the home page of a supplier’s website.)
  • If you’re on a website that you’re allowed to import items from the page, the icon will change to blue.
  • If you are looking on a particular product make sure you select the country you intend to focus on using “Ship to” as a filter.

If you’re only beginning with dropshipping Start with a couple of target countries, and then expand when you’re confident with the dropshipping process.

  • After that, open the Oberlo Chrome extension to view the settings.
  • From here, you are able to choose the shipping method you prefer.
  • It is normal to utilize AliExpress Standard shipping method in dropshipping since it’s affordable and comes with a tracking number.
  • To narrow your search results click “Hide products that do not have using this feature” to delete any items which don’t match your needs. When you’re finished making adjustments then select “Update the settings.”
  • Click on the image to get more information about the product.
  • On the brand new page, product details include available variations to purchase and ship using, images as well as information about the supplier. the complete product description.
  • When you have found an item you would like to offer After that, click “Add the item to Oberlo”.
  • The extension is able to add the item in the “Import List” on your Oberlo admin, from which you are able to edit it before you add it into the Shopify store.

Spocket Pricing

The Spocket is a paid tool. Its pricing plans are listed below:

  • Free: This plan is for entrepreneurs who want to browse Spocket’s Catalogue of products.It includes 24×7 support and Aliexpress dropshipping
  • Starter: The Starter plan is $29 per month and is billed monthly. You get a tracking number, global pricing rules and currency exchange. This plan also includes premium chat support, unlimited orders, 24/7 chat support, and up to 25 unique products.
  • Pro:The Pro package adds to the Starter plan’s features with exclusive deals, premium 24/7 chat service, branded billing, premium search, premium 24/7 chat support and branded invoicing. It can be billed at $49 per month or $33 per year. The Pro package also includes unlimited orders, up to 25 premium products and up to 250 unique items.
  • Empire:The Empire package is $99 per month when it’s billed monthly, or $69 per year when it’s billed annually. It combines the Pro plan’s features with premium 24/7 chat support and 10,000 premium products.

Pros and Cons of Oberlo Chrome Extension

  • Importing products is a remarkably quick and efficient operation.
  • modern dashboard and simple user interface
  • There are no unnecessary hassles when signing up.
  • includes a free plan that is available forever as well as a free trial of their Grad and Boss package plan for 30 days.
  • High-quality Chrome addon and an excellent app.
  • automated order processing and fulfilment
  • daily product synchronisation.
  • being able to scale.
  • There are a ton of educational tools available, including videos and access to online coaching and courses.
  • Scalability of your business through simple product customization.
  • Based on what they provide and delivery timeframes, get in touch with product providers.
  • excellent customer service.
  • Other than Shopify stores, it is not currently compatible with other eCommerce platforms
  • Users are limited to importing only products from AliExpress
  • Some products are restricted by Oberlo.

Oberlo Chrome Extension Alternatives

You can sell on a variety of platforms; some give you advanced capabilities while others give customers a way to purchase items from your store. These are the potential alternative of Oberlo Chrome Extension:

Alternatives of Spocket

You might want to have a look at a few Spocket alternatives. Direct Dropship is one option. This company has a vast selection of goods, many of which are name-brand products. Additionally, their interface is highly user-friendly.

Wholesale2b is another alternative. This business provides many different products and services, such as order fulfilment and inventory management.

Although Spocket is a fantastic dropshipping choice, it is not the only one available. Dropship Direct and Wholesale2b are also worthwhile alternatives to take into account.


Choosing the best online dropshipping tool for your business can be particularly challenging because there are so many of choices available. Oberlo has proven itself to be one of the largest and most trusted eCommerce platforms available. Oberlo is a fully integrated e-commerce solution that gives you access to a wide range of industry-grade features that you can modify and personalise to your heart’s content. Overall, Oberlo is arguably the best dropshipping tool we’ve come across.


The Oberlo Starter plan is entirely free, however Oberlo also offers both free and paid subscriptions.  In contrast to their other two premium plans that allow you to utilise their more advanced features, the free version will only provide you a product limit of 500 and restricted features. This is quite helpful if you want to scale your dropshipping business.  

Nevertheless, the Oberlo team is continuously working on the extension to make it compatible with other websites like Firefox, Safari, or Opera. Oberlo currently only works properly on the Google Chrome browser.

Oberlo only connects to your online store through the Shopify and AliExpress platforms, which makes it faster and simpler to sell items located there. Thousands of products from AliExpress may be imported directly into active Shopify stores using the application, allowing you to start selling right Thousands of products from AliExpress may be imported directly into active Shopify stores using the application, allowing you to start selling right immediately. 

But Oberlo cannot be used on any other websites or other e-commerce platforms

Yes, but only if you are a member of the Grad or Boss plan, since starter plans do not cover bulk orders.


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