Why Product Images Are So Important for Your Online Store?

Your product image is undoubtedly one of the most important factors when it comes to online product sales. In fact, your images often make the difference between a customer contacting you directly and clicking on one of your competitors' product listings.

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A product image is important for an online store because it influences the customer ’s choice. An image improves the product description, making it more attractive to eStore visitors. The product the customer sees before making the purchase, cannot be felt in an online store. An image is a key component that shapes your customer ’s choice in today’s visually oriented world.

A variety of products are listed in an online store; the products range by category, style, color, material, design, and so on. Online shoppers almost never have a specific item in mind that they want to purchase. Their eyes are drawn to the image, and they click there to get a better view.

By zooming in on the product images, a customer can get a better idea of how well it will suit their needs. Always make sure that the buyer views at least four to five different angles. If you upload poor-quality images, you risk losing them. You can download dropshipping product images using this free chrome extension. If you don’t know how to download awesome images for your online store, then read this full article.

This post will explain why product images are essential for the success of your brand, and what makes a good (and bad) product image.

Pictures Paint a Thousand Words

When you start to consider it, it might seem obvious, physical retail selling differs greatly from online selling. It’s amazing how many people initially fail to recognize this. Physical stores provide a sensory experience; frequently, the goods may be held, touched, and displayed.

Fortunately, the majority of us are more influenced by our visual sense than any other sense. About 80% of all information that is processed by our eyes is visual. Thus, sayings like “I’ll believe it when I see it” and even “The camera never lies” are used.

Make a Good First Impression

Online buyers and customers, like customers in physical locations, make an immediate value judgment based on the appearance and aesthetic of your product. Whether or not that correctly describes the quality of your product, it still emphasizes the need of having crystal-clear, high-quality images that effectively represent your line of products.


 It is the first thing they will see about your business. Buyers are more likely to quickly decide to ignore your brand if your images are low-quality and incorrectly represent your product.

Increased Sales

It’s simple to understand how your product images are directly related to your sales because they serve as the foundation for buyers’ and consumers’ initial impressions of your products. Consumers will probably decide not to buy your product if they aren’t immediately impressed by your product images, just as buyers will probably decide not to pursue your brand if they aren’t immediately impressed by your product images.

High-quality, appealing images are essential first element to consider your business seriously.


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Elevated Brand

Your brand’s overall presence, particularly online, is strongly impacted by the images of your products. Your product images have a huge role in how consumers and buyers view your brand, even while other elements like your website, social media presence, product design, and, of course, the quality of your products themselves also play a vital role.

Having high-quality images can help you highlight your brand’s personality as well as the appearance of your products and packaging.

What Makes a Good Product Image

The perception of your products can be affected by the small details. Here are some key characteristics you should consider:

  • High resolution images – Nobody likes to look at pixelated photos!
  • Simple background– This background is a simple background in a neutral colour.

Customers want to see your product in real life. You could feature clothing products that have models of various sizes and ethnicities as well as close-up and full-body shots

What to Avoid?

You don’t want any distracting features on your product images or a busy background to make it look less professional. This can make it harder to see the product. These are the characteristics that you should avoid when creating product images.

  • Grainy, low-pixel photos
  • Images that are dark or shadowy
  • Photos in which the product takes up less than half of the image
  • Any words, logos or watermarks within your image
  • Images showing the product upside down or sideways
  • Images of any product other than yours (e.g. Image of a cow selling milk 

If your product is packaged, images of the product are taken without packaging


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