How To Start Product Video Production for Ecommerce Business

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Trying to stand out from the competition and effectively market your products? Maybe it's time to spend some money on product video production. Don't take our word for it; the facts will speak for itself that product videos help boost sales.

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More than 80% of consumers claim they were convinced to purchase a product or service through a brand’s video. This is a simple reminder of what we already know : as a business you can’t succeed without effective videos to promote your product to use in your arsenal.

What is a quality product video? And how do you make it? A well-crafted product video informs and motivates viewers to take action, aka purchase the product you’re selling. While they appear easy to make, the process of creating these videos can be very time-consuming and difficult to comprehend.

This is why, in the following article we’ll discuss an in-depth look into how to convince people to purchase products, the best way to create videos that help you sell, as well as some interesting examples of product videos. There is a great google chrome extension available to download product videos and images from ecommerce platform. Remember with product videos, the  images are equally important for you brand or r online store. But here we will discuss about the product video production in details. So, let gets started without any delay.

What is Product Video Production?

what is product video production

Product video production includes the planning, scriptwriting, storyboarding, filming, special effects, and editing of a product highlight, demonstration, or similar video that shows how a product works and alleviates consumer problems or pain points.

The promotion of products both online and offline is significantly assisted by the use of product videos in eCommerce marketing. These concise explanations of a product’s advantages to customers can be used to boost sales, raise client satisfaction, and produce more leads.

A committed film crew, however, is needed if you want to produce a high-quality product video that visually engages viewers while telling the product’s unique story and demonstrating how it may relieve consumer pain points.

Professional product video production entails pre-production planning, script writing, storyboarding, location selection, filming, special effects, and post-production editing of a product highlight, demonstration, or similar video that highlights the unique features of a product and its capacity to alleviate consumer pain points or solve problems.

You can use product video production to help you reach your desired sales and revenue targets for your product.

Best Practices for Product Video Production

best practices

If you’re in the market for product video producti, Amazon product video production or any other type of video for your product, we can help you identify and select the ideal kind of video for your needs! No matter what kind of product video you choose to make There are some good practices to remember:

  • Highlights First: Showing off a 360-degree perspective of your product is an essential element of your video, however, it’s not the only thing. Focus on the strengths and benefits of the product. What will it do to solve the problem of your customers? What distinguishes it from the competition? Do you have any unique characteristics that need to be clarified? Offer the information that a buyer requires to convince them to purchase your product.

  • Details, Specifications Descriptions:  Details, Details, and Details After you’ve provided users with an overview of the wonderful capabilities your product has to provide, it’s time to discuss the product’s specifications. Be sure to include relevant dimensions like width, length and weight. as well as any other information that the buyer might need know prior to buying. In essence, address any frequently asked questions you get from customers.
  • Customer Stories Nothing promotes your product as effectively as the satisfaction of a satisfied customer. One method you can utilize videos for your product is to show testimonials from customers. Customers are more likely to consider peer reviews for products rather than what the company itself has to say about its own product. A video of a peer’s review could be superior to a plain written review.

  • Encourage Action: Your promotional video does not have to be complete without a call-to-action. Make sure that the user is aware of what they need to do next. When you’re producing a video for ecommerce products this is typically adding the item to the cart. In the case of lead generation companies that don’t have physical products, it could be “calling” users to fill out a form, or call them. Whatever step you’d like your user to perform make sure that it’s easy and clear to complete!

  • Get Quality Audio

Because audio sets the tone for a product video and fuzzily or indistinct audio leads people to hit the “back” button shortly after starting a video, audio quality is frequently more important than video quality.

If your videos contain testimonials or chats, paying close attention to the vocal quality is very important. So make sure to spend money on a quality microphone.

  • Once you’ve got a better understanding about the key elements you can incorporate into the video you create for your product It’s time to begin creating your product video concept. If you’re searching for a Santa Cruz product video production firm, give us a an appointment today to assist you in creating your perfect film (or video) of your item from beginning to end.


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Write Down the Plan for Your Product Video Production

The last thing you want to do is dive into filming without a game plan. It’s a wise idea to script, sketch, or storyboard your video’s plan so you can decide where and how you want the shots to appear. If you decide not to do this, at least have a clear vision of how you want the final product to look.

Consider factors like lighting and how easy it will be to film there when choosing a location that works for your video and product.

The ground, a table, or up against a wall are a few simple locations for capturing your first film. Try a bustling street, a metro station, or a crosswalk for a more metropolitan appearance. And if you want to feel like you’re outside, visit a nearby park, your backyard, a lake, or a beach.


Despite the setting’s importance, stay away from anything that could divert attention from your product. The last thing you want is for that cute puppy in the park to take centre stage.

Useful Tips:

  • Use a tripod: Maintain your camera in check and professional using an appropriate tripod. If you don’t own one, you should at least figure out the best way to hold your camera to prevent motion (I used the stack of books).

  • Do not use the zoom feature of your phone: Phone cameras tend to use digital zoom, which results in grainy images. Instead, you should make sure you are closer to ensure your images appear sharp.

  • Consider shooting your video vertically before you do it: Generally, you should shoot your video horizontally. You can edit the video later, but you cannot undo the vertical filming. But, if vertical photos or footage is the style of your video then go for it.

  • Be aware of the light sources: You don’t need extravagant lighting to film videos, but make sure not to shoot toward the sun or a bright window as your subject will become looking like a silhouette. Try to shoot in a direction that your subjects face the bright light source.

  • If you’re adding audio, you should use an audio microphone or a second handset: Rather than using the same phone to capture audio and film, get an additional phone or microphone nearer to your subject to record high-quality audio (the microphone function is effective well). Then, connect the audio and the visual while editing.

Choose Your Editing Software or App

choose your editing software
  • You need to combine your collection of images and videos into a single video because now  you have both. Fortunately, there are many easy and free video editing tools available to you. If you’re new to editing, look for a tool with online lessons so you can receive assistance if you run into problems.

    Depending on the type of editing you’re doing, some of these examples might be useful:

  • This free GoPro app immediately creates videos from photos and videos in your phone’s library, making it ideal if you need a video right away. Additionally, you have the option of manually editing what it produced to ensure that it fits to your desired style. 

  • The simplicity of iMovie, which is available for free to all Mac users, makes it simple for beginner editors. Additionally, there are several iMovie tutorials available that can assist you if you run into problems.

  • No matter the operating system, this open source editor is free to use. Although it’s easy to use, it’s nevertheless capable of producing high-quality videos that you’ll be proud to display.


A product video is a video that effectively conveys to potential buyers the advantages of a product. Product videos attract viewers in and spark their interest in the launch of a new product or service with attractive pictures and appealing music.

To attract viewers to become consumers, product videos present your products or services to them. Product videos are a crucial component of every brand’s marketing strategy because they statistically improve sales.

More than 80%  of customers claim that a brand’s product video was the only factor in their decision to buy anything.

An effective product gives rise to conversions. The format of your product video will vary slightly depending on your objectives for the video, including whether they are increasing brand awareness, educating viewers, or outlining the important features of your product.

Here are 4 simple steps to making an e-commerce video:


Step 1: Choose an e-commerce video template from huge library Step 1: Choose an e-commerce video template from huge library 

Step 2: Import your video clip into the editor

Step 3: Customize the template to your requirements.

Step 4: Download and distribute your online shopping video.


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