How to Dropship with Salehoo? A Review in 2022

salehoo dropshipping
Salehoo is a great platform for comparing and finding top dropshipping suppliers. It has been around for a while and has helped businesses become profitable, and is a useful way to connect with reliable suppliers.

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Are you looking for the ideal drop shipping supplier?

You know, the one who always makes deliveries on time, sells you items for very cheap, and handles all the dirty work for you?

SaleHoo specifically states that it will assist you in doing that. But does it really function? Everything in this SaleHoo review is thoroughly examined. So continue reading to learn more!

Salehoo Review: What is it?

Salehoo is a popular dropshipping directory that connects sellers with suppliers.  It is the ideal platform for business owners wishing to launch a dropshipping business because it has more than 8500 certified suppliers. Therefore, selecting wholesale suppliers for your dropshipping business won’t take much time or effort.

How Does it Work?

how does it work

You can find the products you wish to offer in your store using the Salehoo supplier directory. You can browse Salehoo’s huge supplier database once you register for an account. After that, you can go through the suppliers and products to select the ideal merchandise for your shop.

Once you’ve identified any products you’d want to sell, get in touch with the supplier and make plans to transport the products to your clients. Salehoo will also give you all the tools you need, including product descriptions and images, to aid in the sale of the items in your store. However, you can also use this free chrome extension to download awesome product images from different ecommerce platforms.


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Why to Use Salehoo?

Using Salehoo as your dropshipping supplier list has several benefits.

  • First, all sellers on Salehoo have been verified by Salehoo, which means that you’re able to be sure that you’re dealing with legitimate companies.
  • Furthermore, Salehoo offers an extensive database of top-quality products from numerous suppliers. That means you’ll find the right items for your shop regardless of the niche you’re in.
  • In addition, Salehoo is constantly updated with new products and suppliers. This means you’ll be able to access the most current developments and new products.

Differences between Salehoo Wholesale and Dropship Suppliers

You don’t have to buy things in advance with a dropship supplier, which is the main difference between Salehoo wholesale and dropship suppliers. When a consumer orders a product from your website, the supplier will send it right to them. You can list the products there.  In wholesale, you will have to make advance product purchases from a wholesale supplier and send the products to your consumers personally.

Second, compared to dropship suppliers, wholesale suppliers often have cheaper unit costs.

Finally, compared to wholesale suppliers, dropship sellers often have quicker lead times for shipping products to clients.

Salehoo Review: Pricing


Salehoo charges a one-time fee of $67 for a full year of access.  For a lifetime is access, the price is $127.

Within its market, Salehoo’s pricing & features are regarded as being quite competitive. One of Salehoo’s largest competitors, Worldwide Brands, offers a large selection of wholesale products with more than 16 million items. However, joining Worldwide Brands costs $299.

  • These templates can be used to create your eCommerce store.
  • Drag and drop various features
  • You can customize your online store.

Money-Back Guarantee

Additionally, Salehoo offers a 60-day, without any question money-back guarantee. Send an email with your receipt number to for up to 60 days (including the 60th) and they’ll refund your money.

How to Dropship with Salehoo?

how to dropshopping with salehoo

We’ll look at how to start dropshipping using Salehoo now that you’re familiar with what dropshipping is and how Salehoo works. If you want to learn more about Dropshipping, click here for some of the great articles.

Step 1: Sign-Up to create a Salehoo Account

To begin, sign up for your Salehoo account. Go to the Salehoo website and click the “Sign up” button. Next step filling your email address, name and password.

Step2: Verify Your Email Address

Once you’ve filled in your information and verified your email address, you’ll have to confirm the email you registered with. Salehoo will to send an email with the link to verify your email. After you click this link you’ll get to the Salehoo account.

Step 3: Search the Salehoo Directory

Next, you need to search the Salehoo directory to find the items you would like to offer in your store. This can be done by going to the Salehoo website and clicking on the “Products” tab.

You can make use of your search function to find particular products or browse the categories. If you come across something you’d like to sell, click”Add to List. “Add To List” option.

Step 4: Contact the Supplier

Following that, you’ll have to get in touch with the supplier and establish your supply chain and then arrange to have the products delivered at your clients’ doorsteps. Salehoo can provide you with all the resources you need like product images and descriptions to help you in selling the product within your online store.

However, you can also use this great free google extension to download products images & videos from different ecommerce plateforms.

Step 5: Begin Selling!

The last step is to begin selling! After you’ve added the items to your online store then you can begin promoting them and take requests from your customers. If a customer makes an order, you’ll have to get in touch with the supplier and make arrangements for the items shipped directly to the buyer. 

Dropshipping using Salehoo is an excellent method to get started with an online shop. 


SaleHoo is a reputable and dependable online directory that lists dropshipping wholesale sellers and products. It is not scam at all.

SaleHoo is a company that provides all the tools and resources you would require to launch your own successful business. They have a reputation for providing exceptional service, with friendly staff available around-the-clock and ready to assist you in any way they can!

Yes, you can earn through SaleHoo. It’s been working nicely for me for a few months now that I’ve been using it. It’s simple for me to find suppliers, and the costs are fair. I’m satisfied with the service overall.

Yes. A list of dropshipping suppliers can be found on SaleHoo. By product category, cost, shipment time, and other criteria, you can filter suppliers.

SaleHoo is a dropshipping supplier directory that helps users find products to sell online. It integrates with the eCommerce platform Shopify to let users list and sell products on their stores.

Yes, AliExpress and SaleHoo are compatible. Small businesses and entrepreneurs from all around the world can sell products directly to customers using the platform AliExpress. It has millions of products available for purchase and is a great place to find unusual items.


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