Saturation Inspector: Know Saturation Score Before You Select a Product

saturation inspector
When starting a dropshipping business, one of the most important things you need to understand is whether a product is saturated or too competitive.

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When a product or market segment reaches its sales limit among consumers, saturation occurs. Saturation is a term commonly used in eCommerce to indicate a product that is very competitive, despite the fact that saturation is quite rare. So I’ll use the term “saturated” in this article to describe a product with strong competition.

The market becomes saturated, not the products, despite the fact that this term refers to the items as being saturated.

You won’t come across a market or a product that is both profitable and without competition. Therefore, if you Google your niche and discover a lot of websites providing the products you want to sell, don’t get discouraged.

What is Saturation Inspector?

Saturation Inspector is a chrome extension that makes it easier to find products and their saturation level on AliExpress. By providing links to Shopify and Woocommerce stores, it scans their results.

This is done by looking up the number of retailers that sell a particular AliExpress product. The saturation level increases with increase in number of stores selling that specific product.

After finding the saturation level of product, you can calculate its selling price using this free  lite chrome extension.


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Is Saturation Inspector Free?

No, Saturation Inspector costs $19 a month instead of being free. Yes, you did read that right.

Is a Saturation Inspector Tool Required ?

Yes, selling oversaturated products is a major issue for dropshippers on AliExpress.

It happens frequently for new dropshippers to start offering products that were formerly profitable but are now worthless.

As a result, once they start losing a lot of money on Facebook Ads, many of them quit early.

This could be avoided with the help of a product saturation tool.

You activate this tool and conduct a search every time you come across a potential gem of a product.

You’ll see the following information from the search:

  • Untapped, competitive, or saturated levels of competition.
  • Number of retailers selling the product.
  • Links to the product’s retailers.

So, in addition to determining whether a product is saturated or not, you also get to visit the stores of your competitors.

This is excellent since it will show you the type of sales copy and product images they are using.

Thanks to the Facebook Ad Library tool, you can also see what advertisements they are running.

You may do incredibly thorough competitor research by using all of this information to your advantage.

Saturation Inspector Chrome Extension

Saturation Inspector is actually a chrome extension that aids in finding products and their saturation score on AliExpress.   By providing links to Shopify and Woocommerce stores, it scans their results. Click here to get this chrome extension.

Search Limit of Saturation Inspector

search limit

This tool restricts you to 300 searches each day.

Since you probably don’t conduct this many daily searches, this should be okay, but the tool still runs in the background.

Therefore, if you don’t manually turn it off, it will use all of your searches without your knowledge.

Imagine you’re searching AliExpress and all these things are consuming your search tool’s daily quota.

Users of this tool have been complaining about this background feature.

Make sure your Saturation-Inspector is always toggled OFF whenever you’re just browsing without the intent to check for product saturation.

Pros and Cons

pros and cons

Like any other tool, Saturation Inspector has its own pros and cons mentioned below:


  • Find winning products quickly and conveniently;
  • In the “Products” tab, compare all of your search results;
  • Links to all competitors;


  • live chat support is a bit slow,
  • The recurring price is too expensive.
  • Links do not always produce reliable and relevant results.

Saturation Inspector Alternatives

There are some really potential alternatives of Saturation Inspector

  • Ecomhunt

Ecomhunt is a winning product solution that helps eCommerce stores choose winning products so they may sell popular products online.

Each product is actually hand-selected by e-commerce experts to make sure it is fresh, has a large amount of social media involvement, and is popular on other top eCommerce sites.

  • Alishark

AliShark is an effective dropshipping research tool that can help you identify the most successful dropping products.

The tool offers comprehensive data on order volume, wishlist size, product performance, sales trends, top dropshippers, and popular countries. Its advantages include the up-to-date data it offers and a wide range of sophisticated filters.

Additionally, AliShark includes a built-in tool called Video Generator that enables users to create ad-based films rapidly to test out various items.

  • Seller Pulse

Seller Pulse is a dropshipping product research tool with a sizable product database. Using a variety of advanced criteria, the tool enables you to look up popular products on both AliExpress and Amazon.


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