Shopify Linkpop: A Link-in-Bio Tool with Ecommerce Features

shopify Linkpop
Shopify stores can use Linkpop to display products on their social media accounts, and customers can place orders with just three clicks from the link in bio page.

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Now you can turn on social media followers into paying customers using linkpop.   The free link in bio feature powered by Shopify, makes it simple for your audience to buy the products they see in your social network posts.

I will go over all the information you need about Linkpop in this article. I ‘ll go through what is linkpop, its features, and how to create a linkpop  to boost sales and expand your business.

What is Shopify Linkpop?


Credit: Shopify

With the use of the social commerce platform Linkpop, you can make a free page featuring your best links. It is especially beneficial if you advertise your products on Instagram or TikTok. These links could point to any online location, including your website, product sites, landing pages, and more. These links will direct users to the associated page when they click on them.

In addition to launching storefronts to conduct direct sales on the platforms where they interact with followers, creators and merchants can provide important links on the page. Then, without having to leave the app they were using, customers may look through a Shopify merchant’s selection of products and make purchases immediately on Linkpop.

Is Linkpop Free?

Yes, anyone can register and create a page on Linkpop for free. You must join up for a Shopify plan, which starts at $9 per month, if you want to use the checkout feature to build shoppable links and collect payments for products.


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Features of Linkpop

A lot of Linkpop’s features are specifically designed for business. The shoppable links feature, which enables visitors to make purchases directly from your Linkpop page, is the first feature and perhaps the primary reason to use Linkpop.

Shopify Checkout, a mobile-first checkout that offers customers a selection of payment ways and the option to remember their information to checkout faster afterwards.  Most customers can check out in roughly three clicks even with Shop Pay disabled.

Linkpop also has built-in analytics tools that can be used to measure visitors to your page, purchases of your products, and the revenue generated by this traffic. Additionally, you can monitor how many people click on the other links you’ve included to discover which ones are most popular or get the most attention on your Linkpop page.  Click here to get more details.

  • Place All of Your Social Media Channels in One Place

A link-in-bio tool’s most basic use is to send visitors to your Shopify online store or other social media pages.

If someone finds you on TikTok, you can list your other online profiles with a link-in-bio:

  • Like your Linkedin page and website
  • Your Twitter, Spotify, and Instagram profile
  • Your YouTube channel and others


These links can also be used to point users to some of your brand’s other social media presences. For instance, you can advertise your Facebook group for your most loyal clients at the top of your link-in-bio.

  • Highlight New or Popular Products

One feature of a link-in-bio is that it enables you to choose only the products you’re genuinely attempting to promote. Between three and five products, frequently new releases that each company is attempting to promote, are included on the majority of Linkpop pages.

Additionally, you can use Linkpop curation to highlight products that you’ve previously featured on your Instagram or TikTok profile.

You can anticipate that a comparatively large amount of users will visit your link in your bio to learn more about a product you recently posted about on TikTok. A Linkpop that is consistently updated allows you to route visitors to your checkout page.

  • Promote Your Subscription Products

You can advertise different kinds of services using a Linkpop even if you don’t have tangible products to sell.

Brands can design a banner on Linkpop that links viewers to their non-product offers. For instance, the nutrition company Marea gives visitors to its Linkpop a 20% discount on its membership program.

How to Create a Linkpop Page?

  • You must first register for a free account on
  • Following that, you may begin building your page. Links, images, and a call-to-action button can all be included.
  • You can alter your page’s appearance by altering the background color, font, and logo.
  • Share the link with your followers once you’ve completed customizing your page.
  • Linkpop provides a number of sharing options for your page. You can send it by email or text message, post it on your website, or share it on social media.
  • When a visitor clicks on one of your page’s links, they are redirected to the linked page.

Downside of Linkpop

You can no longer monitor who is seeing your products and clicking your links when you use your own link-in-bio.

Although Shopify does include some basic analytics, such as the ability to track statistics for your Linkpop’s visits, link clicks, and clicks per visit, it is far from as comprehensive as other website tracking systems.

Linkpop doesn’t let you to add any custom JavaScript to your link-in-bio page, according to a tweet from Shopify. This implies that businesses cannot integrate famous tracking applications like the Facebook Pixel into their Linkpop pages.

That might not remain the case forever, though. Shopify declared that it would later “explore” adding more analytics data.


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