The Beginner’s Guide to Shopify Reports and Analytics

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Shopify reports let you know which of your products are selling the best as well as when and from where your consumers are coming. Your Shopify conversion rate can go up if you have a good understanding of how your store operates.This article explains in detail how to use Shopify reports to understand the information from your store.

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Shopify users can monitor their business through various reports that show a variety of business metrics and crucial statistics on the Shopify website.

To gain access to all different reports, you need to be on a Shopify Plan or higher. If you’re using the Basic Shopify plan, you will be able to view reports specific to your channel sales right from Shopify home page. In the case of the Advanced Shopify plan you can create your own customized reports.

We review the diverse Shopify reports that cover the financials, sales and traffic, customer’s behaviour as well as highlight some of the most important business metrics that you should be keeping an eye on.

How To Do Dropshipping Product Research?

While there are many ways to search products, this post will first focus on the two key sourcing principles: starting with demand and then finding supply.

Today’s popular method for product research is demand-to-supply. Products that are currently in demand or are regularly discussed online are needed for this strategy. Additionally, they are appearing on social media and in search engines like Google or Bing.

Selecting the ideal products can be time- and effort-consuming. This procedure is generally comprised of completing product research with the required tools and selecting profitable products that are in demand.

The next step is to introduce those products to your store and conduct tests. And you’ll be able to tell that you are heading in the right direction.

Where To Find Shopify Reports?

You’ll find both analytics dashboards and full analytics reports on Shopify. Log into Your Shopify shop and you’ll be able to see them in the left-hand menu.

Different reports are accessible to you dependent on the type of report you choose to access, based on your Shopify plan. Every user has the ability to access overview dashboardfinance reports as well as analytics for products. Based on your Shopify membership plan, you could also have access to different types of reports.

Are you unable to access the reports you require? Don’t worry, when the time comes to upgrade your Shopify account to new Shopify plan, you will be able to access additional reports.

Types of Shopify Reports

types of shopify reprots

If you start to open an analytics, you will see a lot of data. The volume of data can get overwhelming quickly. For you to focus your efforts, here’s a breakdown the kinds of Shopify reports available to store owners:

where to find shopify reports
  • Sales Reports

The Shopify sales report provides down all the details pertaining to the placed orders. You can see your sales by staff, product, location (for Point of Sales), channel, hour, month, and hour. Some of the most important online business metrics, such as average order value, gross sales, and net sales, may be found in the sales report.

You can also see a report called “Sales by Traffic Referrer” that details where your customers come from, such as whether they clicked on a link in an email you sent them or came from a search engine. This is a useful approach to assess the success of your marketing efforts and determine whether your Shopify store’s SEO needs work.

  • Finances Reports

You may check a summary of your sales, payments, pending payments, and account details, including Shopify fees, in the finances report. Depending on the channels you have in your Shopify account, such as your online store, any physical stores you use Shopify Point of Sale software for, and applications, as well as related Facebook or Pinterest sales, you’ll be able to access various financial data.

Sales in Shopify reports refer to all orders placed and the price they are for, whereas payments refer to money that has been given to you by your customers. These two terms may differ if a customer places an order but hasn’t finished making their payment yet.

Users of Shopify can access these reports regardless of their plan. Only the Shopify, Shopify Advanced, or Shopify Plus plans offer access to any other Shopify reports.

  • Customers Reports

You may view reports f oyour customers over time, customers by estimated value, and new customers by country under the customer reports section.

These reports include helpful indicators that can help you learn more about your consumers, such as average order count, average order total, and predicted buy value.

  • Acquisition Reports

Visits over time, visitors by referrer, visitors by marketing campaign, and visitors by location are all covered in the reports under acquisition section.

These reports only display website visitors, not converted sales or the amount of purchases.

  • Behaviour Reports

Behaviour reports give you insight into how customers and visitors use your Shopify store, including what they look for, which pages they visit, and how they browse your store.

Reports on the most popular product searches, popular product searches that returned no results, visitors by landing page, visitors by device, and webcart analysis are also available.

Product searches reports provide you an understanding of what visitors to your website are looking for, and you can use this information to ensure that all of your listings have the best titles and descriptions possible that include the most efficient search terms.

You will receive 12 pairs of products from the webcart analysis that were added to the same cart within the previous 30 days (but not necessarily purchased). This can help you determine which products to link to as related items on your product pages and which ones customers are searching for concurrently.

You should be able to enhance your product pages, upsell and cross-sell products, and raise your average order total by having a thorough understanding of how your customers act on your website.

Learn more about creating custom Shopify reports here for users of the Advanced Shopify or Shopify Plus plan.

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