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Thieve dropshipping is an ecommerce product that offers a regularly updated, curated list of the top finds on the direct-to-factory website AliExpress.

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You probably already came across if you’re looking for unique approaches and strategies for conducting product or idea research. But what exactly is this service, and how does it operate? That will be the main subject of today’s article.

The truth is that coming up with fresh product concepts for your online store might be difficult.

Finding inspiration can be difficult.

Additionally, it’s important to identify things that are in high demand and make sure you can turn a profit. It’s important to be both competitive and distinctive in your product.

The rise of services like dropshipping during the past few years is not surprising.

Let’s examine this specific business more closely to determine if they are a good fit for you.

What is

what is

To find something worthwhile and profitable on AliExpress, you must search very carefully because the website is flooded with cheap items that fall apart almost immediately. This issue is resolved by Thieve, a selection of premium goods made by actual people. dropshipping product research tool is software for finding your winning products. It offers details on trendy products from any product category and the facts you need to decide whether to sell them. Using the tool, you can see how many people are looking for a certain product, how its demand and price fluctuate over time, etc.

When other business owners started buying and rating products from AliExpress, they created the dropshipping tool. The top products are now chosen by more than 200 different people, who then share them with other dropshippers. A team of creatives, designers, bloggers, and eCommerce experts handpicks the suggested products and adds new things on a regular basis. Therefore, rather than being a product search engine, is more akin to a curated catalogue of products. It focuses on AliExpress fashion.

Without having to register, visitors may examine the best products, their prices, and order volumes on the dropshipping website Not a catch. The website receives revenue through affiliate commissions. On the platform, there are currently more than four hundred thousand registered users.


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How Does it Work?

The functioning of is rather easy.

You go to their website, select a product you like, and then click through to make a purchase.

You’ll be led straight to the product’s manufacturer on AliExpress, where you can finish the transaction.

Your item will be delivered in accordance with the conditions specified by the manufacturer. makes its money through commission. They are connected to the AliExpress platform through affiliates.

Therefore, they will receive an 8% commission on whatever you purchase.

For you, however, there is no price increase on any goods. makes more money the more you spend.

However, you can also speed up your search and guarantee that you only buy from manufacturers who have been approved. Dropshipping Tool Pros and Cons

pros and cons
  • Pros

Incredibly inspiring:  Use the free version to examine what kinds of products are available in your niche and gain some amazing inspiration.

They frequently introduce new features:  For instance, they have launched a fantastic Chrome extension that will help in your product research. 

Several methods for sorting and filtering:  You have a variety of filtering and sorting options with Thieve Supply. Finding goods that work for you and your business is made easy with this method!

  • Cons

Exclusive to AliExpress. Once more, if you dislike AliExpress, this tool is not for you. But keep in mind that even if you don’t use AliExpress, you can still use this information.

No test run to check it out. If you want to try the dropshippers version, you can utilize the free version, but bear in mind that there isn’t currently a trial available.


Their free version is totally free!

Additionally, Thieve Supply, their dropshipping version, is currently $15 or $49 per month. Additionally, you can pay yearly and save 20%.

There isn’t a trial available for Thieve Supply right now. Reviews has positive user reviews with 4 thousand upvotes. People are using this dropshipping tool with Aliexpress and are able to find best winning handpicked products.

Summary is a fantastic resource for finding high-quality products from AliExpress. You can use the free plan without registering, and it is also free to use. The fact that items are carefully chosen by the Thieve staff, curators, and registered users before receiving features is what I appreciate the most. Due to the fact that they were chosen by and for people, your products may generate sales.

But to receive any analytics, stats, or insights, you must subscribe. Speaking of the Dropshipping plan, it offers a fantastic price to feature ratio and offers a wealth of analytics, features, and tools.  Pro plan is $49 a month. 

Overall, dropshippers sourcing from AliExpress will find to be a reliable option. It offers items, metrics that let you evaluate a product’s quality, trends, and Shopify store data.


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