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With the help of partnerships with the biggest retailers in the world, Wholesale Ninjas can provide wholesale quantities of liquidation merchandise quickly and efficiently. Their goal is to encourage the rise of independent retail sales and grassroots e-commerce while assisting retailers in building long-term businesses. They have a track record of meeting the needs of brick-and-mortar store owners, online sellers, secondary market vendors, and vendors at nontraditional locations including flea markets and pop-up stores.

What Exactly Does it Mean by "Liquidation" and "Liquidation Merchandise"?

In order to make place in their stores and warehouses for preferred inventory, retailers who have merchandise they do not want to sell through their typical channels—online and physical storefronts—sell it to liquidation distributors like Wholesale Ninjas at big discounts. As a client of Wholesale Ninjas, you may benefit from such substantial savings.

It makes sense to wonder why merchants would sell their inventory at such a low price. Most frequently, it is done for contractual or practical reasons. Due to the restricted warehouse and shelf space and the months-ahead scheduling of purchases, an incorrect estimate of sales might easily result in an overstocked inventory.

To support the latest superhero movie or cartoon kids’ show, product packaging constantly changes, and retailers are frequently legally required to stock the most recent packaging on their shelves. Some merchants merely have internal rules prohibiting products from being on store shelves for too long and mandating the regular liquidation of outdated inventory.

The category of liquidation most typically offered on Wholesale Ninjas falls under the umbrella of the industry term “shelf-pull,” which includes all the aforementioned circumstances as well as more. More information on shelf pulls can be found here.

How to Place an Order on Wholesale Ninjas?

how to place an order on wholesale-ninjas

Their online store is used for all orders. Calling salesmen or requesting price lists are not possible. Simply look through their inventory, put what you want in your shopping cart, and then check out!

Before making a purchase, all customers must first create an account.  Create an account or sign in here.

Wholesale Ninjas Shipping Options

  • Any retail company must consider inventory shipping as an important factor. Currently, they provide three different shipping classes:

    1. Freight shipment
    2. Pallet breakdown service
    3. Standard ground

    See each option’s details down below.

    1. Freight shipment

    The truck icon indicates that the listing will ship via freight. A freight shipment can be delivered to residential sites without needing a loading dock or other special equipment. There are no additional fees for off-loading the delivery at the time of delivery because all of  freight shipments include lift-gate service.

     The truck’s contents will be unloaded by the driver, but it won’t necessarily be moved inside or to another place. It might just be left at the curb or in a driveway, for instance.

    In general, after a pallet has been unloaded from the truck, the client should be ready to handle it. It could need to be disassembled right where it is. As an alternative, most large-scale hardware and home improvement retailers rent out pallet jacks. Forklifts are not required. Ninja Wholesale will work with the carrier to arrange the shipment, however you will be contacted later with information on setting up a drop-off window.


    The source, destination, and amount of the shipment all affect the freight prices. Although the price of a single pallet will typically be more than that of the Pallet Breakdown Service, the cost of subsequent pallets is significantly lower, making freight more affordable for large purchases.

    1. Pallet breakdown service


    Pallet orders from other vendors often require freight delivery. Freight transportation arrangements are a difficult, time-consuming operation. The usual is high rates, a lot of phone tag, little tracking information, and surprise surcharges. And that’s assuming you can organize the delivery in the first place, as many freight companies do not deliver to residential addresses and frequently do not service remote or difficult-to-reach regions.

    Additionally, not every company even has the warehouse capacity and forklifts or pallet jacks needed to handle huge deliveries made on skids.

    Since not everyone prefers freight shipping, Wholesale Ninjas has launched the Pallet Breakdown Service. Your pallet order will be divided into individual boxes and shipped through ground delivery. As a result, you can have pallet orders delivered anywhere and save time and money over using freight! Any listing that features a pallet ship using this service.

    The cost of each pallet, including shipping and handling, is $180.


    1. Standard ground

    All orders for boxed-lots (everything on the lots page) are shipped via standard ground shipping. To provide you a great discount, they offer rates that they have negotiated with a number of shipping companies.


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Wholesale Ninja Shipping Cost


The delivery method used, the location of the end destination, the shipping rates in effect, and the items ordered all affect the cost of shipping. Putting all desired items in the shopping basket will make it simple to see an estimate of the shipping costs for a potential purchase. Enter your shipping details before continuing to the payment page. You will have the chance to examine the shipping charges for each offered shipping option before to making the final purchase.

Wholesale Ninja Shipping Range

They deliver across the whole US mainland ( the “lower 48”). Currently, they do not offer international shipping. Customers who want their products delivered outside of the continental United States are urged to work with a freight forwarder that caters to your area. In the continental United States, Wholesale Ninjas is pleased to ship to any forwarder’s address, but they are unable to assume responsibility for any issues of international shipment, such as customs.

Wholesale Ninjas Shipping & Delivery Time

Orders typically deliver  in 3-5 business days.  No processing on Weekend and holidays.

The majority of ground shipping orders arrive between 2 and 3 days after they were dispatched. Orders to the west coast, however, can take longer because their warehouse is on the east coast. Shipping times for orders that are transported through freight will be determined by the accessibility of transportation. Generally speaking, freight orders arrive in 3 to 6 days.

Wholesale Ninja Reviews

You can see more than 900 people’s genuine reviews about Wholesale Ninja here. Their oversall rating is 4.4/5.0 with overall satisfaction of 85%.

Wholesale Ninjas FAQs

No, the items in pre-made lots cannot be modified.

The amount of items in each lot varies. Each listing states the total quantity of items contained in that lot.

Every lot has a unit quantity guarantee, which ensures that you will receive the specified number of units if, for example, the listing says the lot contains 400 units. They promise to make it right if you do not receive the correct quantity of units.

Every sale is final.


Ninja Wholesale do not accept returns or issue refunds because of the nature of the liquidation business. They  address any issue with your order that result from a mistake on our end individually.

You can email the at customer.care@wholesaleninjas.com if you think there is a mistake with your order.

Additionally, because of the upfront expenses connected with shipping and transaction fees from our platforms, they do not permit the cancellation of purchases once they have been placed.

You can send an email to customer.care@wholesaleninjas.com if there is an issue with your order. Please include your order number and the nature of the issue in your email, and a member of our customer service team will get in touch with you as soon as they can.


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