Wix Dropshipping: A Complete Beginner’s Guide in 2022

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Wix is best known for its website builder. They also provide e-commerce store building and management. You may dropship products using Wix. The main concern is what is the Wix’s capability for dropshipping.

A reputable dropshipping supplier at Wix offers reasonable marketing opportunities and flexible pricing. The best thing to do is to bargain with your dropshipping suppliers and purchase high-quality products.

The pros and cons of Wix dropshipping will be covered on this article.

What is Wix Dropshipping?

what is wix dropshipping

Wix is one of the top eCommerce platforms, which enables dropshippers to launch their online businesses and sell online. You can bring in clients, market top-notch dropship items, and earn higher margins of profit.


To start selling in your Wix store, you can purchase the inventory from dropshipping vendors on AliExpress or Alibaba.

Pros and Cons of Wix Dropshipping

Stop right here if you are thinking about launching a Wix dropshipping business! Before opening your online store, review the advantages and disadvantages of dropshipping on the Wix website.


These are the benefits of droppingshipping on Wix.

  • No need to store stock: Dropshipping is a business that doesn’t require you to rent warehouses. Open your online shop and you’re ready to go. Selling online!
  • It’s simple and straightforward to get started: It’s very simple. Open your online store, import your products to Wix, and then sell them online.
  • Lower investments: It significantly reduces the cost of running an online store by eliminating the need for warehouses to be hired.


  • High competition You can see high competition in the Wix app marketplace due to the large number of dropshippers.
  • Everything is upto you: Shipping costs: order fulfillment Everything depends on you.

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How to Start Wix Dropshipping

start wix dropshipping

Would you like to launch a Wix dropshipping business? If so, creating your dropshipping store on the Wix website requires you to complete below easy steps:

  • Find Niche

It’s really important to identify a niche for your Wix dropshipping store. As you can sell in a profitable niche, it has numerous advantages for dropshipping businesses.

To start selling products on your Wix dropshipping store, you can do research using the Google search engine, get some product ideas.

  • Check Your Budget

It can be challenging to find reputable dropshipping suppliers. You can control your online store, monitor your spending, and offer items that fit inside your budget.

The budget might include at times:

  • Wix Dropshipping Apps Subscription Fees 
  • Costs of High-Quality Products
  • Create Wix Account

To find approved dropship suppliers and launch your online store, you need a dropshipping platform.

The Wix website builder is now an effective tool for creating your Wix stores. Its approved dropship suppliers and native website builder for personalising the eCommerce store give it an edge over other dropshipping platforms.

You need to create an account on Wix.

  • Customize the website

After you sign up for the Wix, it’s time to create your eCommerce store using a drag-and drop editor.

You can easily customize your eCommerce store and import products using the built-in drag-and-drop editor.

    • These templates can be used to create your eCommerce store.
    • Drag and drop various features
    • You can customize your online store.
  • Select Dropshipping App

For your Wix store or Shopify store, there aren’t many dropshipping apps that offer dropshipping options.

However, you must pick the top Wix dropshipping apps. The following apps are

These dropshipping apps can connect you with reliable suppliers and help in increasing sales on your Wix business.

  • Set Up Shipping

For your Wix business, shipping is a vital step. Since everything depends on you, you can select a dependable provider, take orders from clients, and provide clients with your Wix store’s shipping address.

The Wix eCommerce platform provides an outstanding opportunity for you to purchase and sell top-notch products in your Wix store.


Creating a Wix dropshipping store is free. But in order to use the necessary feature of accepting payments, you must upgrade to a premium plan. Premium Wix eCommerce subscriptions begin at $23 per month. You won’t be required to pay additional web hosting expenses because it is a hosted solution

Wix is one of the best choices for new dropshippers. Every template in the website builder may be completely customised, and it is simple to use. Setting up payment gateways and adding features to your store is simple. The disadvantage is that there are less integrations for third-party dropshipping. And if you decide to quit the platform, you’ll have to start over with your online store.

The Shopify plan for a standalone store is $29 per month, but the cheapest Wix eCommerce package is $23 per month. There is a Shopify Lite option available for under $9 per month, but this only enables product embedding.


The price of transaction fees is another thing to take into account. Your cost for the Shopify Basic plan is 2.9% + 30 per sale. There are no transaction costs with Wix.


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