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There are several tools available today that can help you find the products that convert well and automate any time-consuming dropshipping-related tasks. I will discuss one of the most popular hunting tools in this article named Commerce Inspector.

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What if you could spy on competitor Shopify stores to learn their trade secrets, including all the apps they employ?

What if you could quickly identify the top-selling items in competing stores in your niche and imitate successful business strategies in your own store to duplicate their success?

It goes without saying that studying your competitors can make the difference between e-commerce success and failure. But did you know that doing this is now simpler than ever before, and you can even do it for nothing?

There are currently tools available that can speed up and simplify the competitive analysis process. addons for the browser that are quick to use.

One such tool is Commerce Inspector, which can be used either through its commercial web edition or free Chrome extension to rapidly and efficiently evaluate competitors.

What is Commerce Inspector?

In order to assist you with your business analytics, Commerce Inspector is one of the best e-Commerce applications that can be installed in browsers (particularly Google Chrome, Mac, and Windows) as an extension or a spy search tool. Data from many public sources is collected by Commerce Inspector, who then analyses it to produce potential product insights for a specific store.

Who Should Use Commerce Inspector


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The of use the tool must be obvious, regardless of whether you are just getting started with your Shopify store or are an established business looking for a fresh competitive edge.

Established businesses can lose their drive and cease doing the things that made them successful.

If that resembles you, this tool can assist you in getting your store rebuilt and reorganized.

The same is true if you’re just getting started and are unsure of which apps and products to prioritize for your store; this tool offers what you need.

How to Use Commerce Inspector Chrome Extension

By installing the free Chrome extension and creating an account, you can begin using this tool. Then, keep up with your niche’s leading rivals. The Chrome extension will immediately show up and check the store’s information.

From there, you may browse the top-selling and most popular items, advertisements, and apps on the website.

Additionally, you may manage all of the various stores you’re tracking through their web browser. You can view data from the shop and product levels in the browser mode.


While product level statistics only apply to that particular product, store level statistics include information about total traffic, units sold, and income generated across the whole business.

While product level statistics only apply to that particular product, store level statistics include information about total traffic, units sold, and income generated across the whole business.

Here’s what we suggest on how to use it.

  • Find stores that fit into your niche.
  • Find products that are hot sellers within the last month, or week
  • Examine active and inactive ads to find out how they perform and how they promote the products
  • Find out what applications they’re using on their store
  • Tracking the value of ads by providing you with information about successful products, ad concepts as well as apps. You can then implement the changes in your online store

Key Features

  • Easy to use

Commerce Inspector must be listed among the best search tools for newcomers to e-Commerce for a reason. The tool has a user-friendly layout, and the search feature in particular is quite basic and clear. Once you click on the product (or the extension button in Google Chrome), all the information you require will be presented, and the Commerce Inspector chrome extension will provide all the relevant data about the corresponding online store, including product trends, store traffic, and social media links.

  • Product Insights

You can find inspiration from hot products and a variety of reports from major digital platforms like Facebook Ads reports, AliExpress reports, Amazon reports, or eBay reports thanks to Commerce Inspector’s strong product insights. Sales volume, releases, and categories are some of the product-level details that were acquired. All stores allow you to search for products using keywords.

Along with the products and reports, you can also view information about devices, geography, and targeting. With the use of this information, you can arrange your advertising strategy for maximum conversion potential.

  • Complete Tracking

With this tool, you can track metrics from any online store operated by a competitor, including trends, product catalogues, web traffic, and other pertinent data. Commerce Inspector displays information about the many apps, tools, and themes used by your competitors on their e-commerce websites in addition to product-related data.

Along with metric tracking, the tool helps in competitive advantage and provides ideas for future advertising efforts from your competitors. These can include in-person marketing initiatives, SMS campaigns, email marketing initiatives, and any other forms of advertising.

  • Product Niches

Product niche searches on Commerce Inspector is entirely comprehensive. You can search for products in categories and sub-categories. Toys, family, pets, and health and beauty are some of the categories. Although the sub-categories are not entirely relevant to your niche, the tool will try to match them as nearly as it can.

When you have the search results, Commerce Inspector will let you filter them in a variety of ways. These include the newest items, the majority of orders, Facebook ads, Facebook ad reactions, and Facebook ad likes.

Pros and Cons

Let’s review the report by presenting a list of pros and cons so that we can get an overview of the commerce inspector chrome extension.


  • A complete extension with more than 16 features that you can experience
  • Simple to use
  • Provides an easy-to-use interface
  • Offers excellent platform analytics for product knowledge


  • Free plan is limited in terms of the number of features.  
  • The paid versions are expensive.
  • Tutorials are not available on the internet.

Pricing Plan:


Are the monthly costs for the premium editions of Commerce Inspector worth it?


The monthly fees for the paid versions range from $29 to $299. Your willingness to pay will likely be influenced by the number of stores you operate and how well-established they are.

The monthly cost varies depending on how many stores each paid edition covers, from three stores to an unlimited number of locations. All paid versions have the same feature set (designed for marketing and store management agencies to use).

You might be able to get a free or discounted trial of a commercial version if you time it correctly. A three-day trial of the Grow plan was accessible for just $1 at the time this Commerce Inspector review was being written.

Free Version

This plugin for free can be used to keep track of:

  • Best-selling bestsellers of all time
  • Recent product launches
  • Launches of new products by the hashtag
  • New products are launched every day
  • Apps that are used

Paid Version

The PAID versions come with unlimited data, and permit you to monitor:

All Free version features plus

  • Shop-level revenue
  • Product-level revenue
  • This week’s top-selling products
  • Shops
  • Apps to search across shops
  • Top trending and best selling shops lists
  • Live ad for the moment
  • Advertorials from the past that are creative

You’ll have to set up an account on Commerce Inspector even to use the Chrome extension that is free.

Then, it’s an excellent idea to try on the demo version and determine if it teaches you everything you require to be aware of. It is possible to upgrade to the paid version later when you’ve mastered how to use it and if the extra features will enhance the value of your shop.

Commerce Inspector Alternatives

what is commerce inspector


Overall, Commerce Inspector is one of the best tools on the market. There are other additional spy hunt tools that have been available on the market for a while and offer more details and accurate forecasts. Compared to the well-known brands, Commerce Inspector is a relative newcomer, yet the tool quickly rose to its current position. The potential to dominate the market exists for Commerce Inspector. It’s definitely worth checking out because they also provide a free version and a free trial with a $1 credit to evaluate the monthly plans.


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